Add representatives to a company

In this article we explain all you need to know about representatives.

Maximise the engagement between attendees and sponsors by adding representatives. This allows the attendees to contact that person through the company page or exhibitor booth. This article includes everything you need to know.

Customise your Representative email invitation

In order to link a representative to a company page or an exhibitor booth you will need to invite that person through the CMS. Before doing so, we recommend that you take the time to personalise the email that will be sent to them. 

You can personalise your invitation in Settings > Emails.

1) Layout: Add a header image and an accent colour

Add a header image to your email and select an accent colour that will be applied to the subject of the email and to the links. 

2) Write your invitation text

Scroll down to Representatives invite where the body of your email can be customised. A default text is already included; you can modify it to your needs. Make sure to keep the words in brackets as they are, as they will make sure the emails will be personalised and link to your mobile and/or web app. 

Tip! You can use HTML formatting to style your text. For example:

To make text <b> Bold </b> OR <i> Italic </>.

To add images <img src="ADD YOUR URL" style="width: 100%;">

To add hyperlinks <a href="ADD YOUR URL">ADD YOUR HYPERLINK TEXT</a>

Use the preview button to visualise the invitation email.

Send invites to your representatives

  1. In Virtual & Interactivity, go to the tab Representatives.
  2. Select a company in the list (the list shows the institutions from your data).
  3. Click Add representative.

A pop up will appear asking to enter the email address of the user. The users you invite will be added to your community and attendee list. When the user is not yet on these lists, you will be asked to enter their first and last name. When the user is already registered in your community or attendee list, the first and last name will automatically be added.

When you click Send invite, the invitation email with a link to the virtual dashboard will be send right away. In order to have the representative appear on the company page or exhibitor booth, you do need to make a release to the app.

Tip! To delete an invitation, just click on the trashcan icon, and make a release to the app. The respective representative will then no longer be associated with that company.

How can the representative join the app and start interacting?

The representatives receive your invitation as an email.

Representatives join the App the exact same way that attendees do. When accessing the App from the buttons in the email, the representatives will need to sign in (if they are already registered) or create an account (if they have not registered yet).

Once they are signed in, representatives should check their Settings. We recommend to make sure they are visible in the event attendee list and that new conversations and appointments are allowed.

Once this is set, representatives can actively be contacted by attendees through the attendee's list (see next section).

Representatives can also contact the attendees themselves through private chat or meeting by clicking on the person in the attendee list, or using the company's public chat room (if enabled). Note that only the attendees that have enabled the above settings can be contacted privately.

Note that representatives have the same access to the app as attendees. However, if you are using Groups to restrict access to certain parts, those can be applied to representatives as well.

How can attendees interact with the representatives?

On a company page, attendees simply click on the name of the representative, which will open the person's page. From there, they can start a chat conversation or schedule a meeting

On an exhibitor booth, attendees can start a chat conversation directly by clicking the chat button under the representative's name. They can also schedule a meeting with a representative by clicking the "request meeting" button. 

Read this article for all the virtual meeting options that are available for sponsors.