Virtual meeting options for sponsors and exhibitors

This article describes the platform features designed to increase the engagement between attendees and sponsors.

Exhibitors and sponsors can have a branded page in the mobile and web app. Next to the standard branding options, the platform allows for a number of features designed to increase the engagement between attendees and sponsors.


Organisers can invite people as representatives of the company. They will be listed as such on the company page or exhibitor booth. Attendees are able to reach out via a private chat or schedule a private one-to-one meeting.

Industry chat rooms

On the company page or exhibitor booth, you can open a public chat room in which attendees can talk to company representatives. Representatives are clearly indicated as such. Attendees and representatives can view each other’s profiles. If the attendee has opted-in to allow others to send them private messages and appointment invites, the representative can invite the attendee to a one-to-one private video meeting.

Similarly to enabling chat for programme items, it can be enabled for institutions per type.

Sponsored sessions

Companies can also have sponsored sessions linked to their profile. If using our built-in virtual platform, these sessions can be set up as Moderated sessions or Round-Table Sessions with the associated virtual room features.

One-to-one private video meetings

Attendees can schedule private video meetings with attendees, or a representative can schedule one with an attendee via the attendee lists. Read this article about one-to-one private meetings.