Posters: On-demand rooms en live meetings

In this article we explain the settings that apply to on-demand rooms and live meetings for posters.

1. Define the settings

To define the correct settings, ask yourself the following questions.

Does the poster file come from you, or should the host upload the file?

Allow the host to overwrite the poster file in the data structure if you want to allow the host to add a PDF from the host dashboard. If allowed, the host can upload a PDF and overwrite the PDF you uploaded in Floq Studio. If you want to keep control over the PDF, for example, because it needs to be verified or checked, turn off the checkbox. This way, the host cannot add a file and will have to use the one you added in the studio.

Does your poster have a live meeting at some time during the event?

If your poster has a live meeting, where the poster presenter interacts with participants, you will need to enable a virtual room for it. Make sure you then also invite a host.

Please note that the uploaded PDF, either from the studio or from the host, is also shown in the live meeting.

Should the poster have an on-demand room for attendees?

Enable Make poster/slides file available to attendees in the data structures to have the uploaded PDF appear in the app. Depending on other settings, it will appear:

  • When you haven't set the room to be virtual, and you have not invited a host, it will open as a PDF from either the View poster / slides button in the side panel or the link below Poster/slides on the Resources tab.
  • When you set the room to be a Poster presentation or round-table session and invited a host, it will be shown in the on-demand room that can be opened from either the View poster / slides button in the side panel or the link below Poster/slides on the Resources tab. Along with the PDF, the audio recording and video introduction are also shown in the on-demand room, if they have been added by the host. In addition, a chat is available in the on-demand room.

Tip! Leave "make poster/slides file available to attendees" unticked if you want to allow hosts to upload PDFs and create audio recordings, but do not want them to be available yet to attendees.

Do you want to show the introduction video in the web app?

If you want your hosts to record an introduction video and display that video in the side panel of the session, make sure to set the banner to use the introduction video from the host dashboard.

2. Upload PDF in Floq Studio as the organizer

Upload the PDFs in Floq Studio if this will not be done by the hosts.

3. Invite and instruct the hosts 

Invite the hosts to their dashboard and send them their instructions.