Step 1) Enable your Virtual Rooms

In the process of setting up your virtual or hybrid event, the first step is to enable virtual rooms for your sessions. We recommend enabling the virtual room at the session level. Enabling rooms at the presentation level is only relevant in the case of different presentations happening in parallel within a session. For example, poster presentations, round table discussions, or networking rooms.

In Data, edit the session or (poster) presentation for which you would like to enable the virtual room. Scroll down to the section Virtual & recordings.

Choose whether the button in the app should be:

  • Off: button is not visible for this session.
  • Virtual Room: button “Enter Virtual Room” is visible for this session.
  • On-demand recording: button “View recording” is visible for this session. This is only relevant after the session has taken place when the recording will actually be available.

Select the type of virtual room. Options are:

  • Built-in virtual room: if you purchased our virtual event platform.
  • External link: enter the URL to the external virtual room.

Repeat these steps for all the sessions that should have a virtual room.

To display all virtual rooms on the app, make a release via Publish > Create release.

Now that your rooms are enabled, head to the next step which is to create your invitation email template.