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Use Vote and Q&A in hybrid sessions

This article explains how to set up Vote and Q&A on the moderator or speaker dashboard when you organize a hybrid session with live streaming through our platform.

If you are organising a hybrid session with live streaming through our platform, the moderation of the Vote and Q&A happens through the speaker and moderator dashboards.


Usually, the Q&A is moderated by the chair of the session. We advise the following setup:

  1. Make sure to create one app account per room at the venue.
  2. Invite this account as a speaker to all sessions taking place in that room.
  3. Set up a computer in each room, sign in with the account created for that room, and mute the sound of the computer.
  4. During the event, you can now easily switch dashboards between sessions in the room, without having to sign out and in each time.

Tip! You can also invite each chair personally. However, this will require each chair to sign in prior to the session on the laptop. It could be that they forgot to create their account in advance or forgot their password, this can delay the start of the session.


For hybrid events, we recommend the vote being moderated by the AV or yourself as an event organiser through the moderator dashboard. We advise the following setup:

  1. Make sure that you (the event organiser) or the AV has access to the moderator dashboard. 
  2. Set up a computer with a built-in camera in the room and access the moderator dashboard. 
  3. Add the questions to be voted for in this session.
  4. Read this article for instructions on how to add questions and moderate the voting.

Note! We advise not to use voting when broadcasting through RTMP. Due to the delay in the stream (which can be up to 20 seconds) and voting happening in real-time, it can get very confusing for virtual attendees.

Note! Questions that are added by a moderator, can be seen and moderated by everyone with moderator access to the session.

Tip! If you are having many sessions using vote, follow the same setup as for Q&A: create one account per room.

Projector view

When you have a speaker presenting virtually through the platform, or you would like to present the Vote or Q&A results on-stage, you can use the projector view. Learn more in this article.