Artwork Guidelines - Sponsored items

This article describes the artwork you need for sponsor items.

Following our guidelines in creating your artwork ensures that the images in your app will appear optimally across different devices and screen sizes. Each event within a society app can have its own unique branding.

First, read our Sponsor brochure listing all sponsor opportunities in the app.

In the table below you will find the required dimensions for each sponsored item listed in the brochure. For all images, you can use either PNG or JPG, unless specified otherwise, less than 2MB.

More explanations and examples are given in the paragraphs below.


Mobile / Web


Dimensions (px)

Event tile

Event intro page

Background image


The sponsor logo can be added to the original artwork




Carousel image



Sponsor tile


Multi-event app's selection screen 
Web app's landing page

App-Info, small

App-Info, medium

App-Info, large

Web-Info, small

Web-Info, medium

Web-Info, large








Mobile and Web

News message

Banner image

Any image
Vimeo or Youtube


Sponsored session

Mobile and Web

Logo in programme

Session banner



Vimeo or Youtube

Virtual Room 

Mobile and Web

Placeholder slide

Virtual Room banner



Listing: grid

Mobile and Web

Large card with banner in industry list


Side panel with logo & background
(Company page)

Mobile and Web

  • 1200x600
  • 1280x480
  • 600x600


Exhibitor booth

 Mobile and Web
  • Background
  • Slideshow
  • Logo
  • 1920x384
  • 1280x480
  • 600x600


IMPORTANT: To maximise the app's performance and speed, images should be less than 1MB, but preferably as small as possible. Use JPG when the image is photographic, and PNG for graphics and text. To convert one to the other, go to or To compress large images, either PNG or JPG, use

Event tile, event intro page, and background image

Your logo can be added to any of these pages. For this, you need to provide your logo in 600x600px. Make sure the logo has transparency so that it looks good on the used background colour.

Carousel images

Carousel images can be added after the intro page to showcase, for instance, sponsored content. Images are one size (1500x2000px) and appear as an overlay on the screen. The overlay can be closed by the user at any time.

Sponsor tile

Create a tile on the selection screen of your society app and/or the landing page of the web app linking to a sponsor page website or to a page in the app.

You only have to upload the tile size you're using: small (600x370px), medium (600x800px) or large (1260x800px).

Small // medium // large



Newsfeed banner

A custom banner (2400x600px) can be added at the top of the news feed above the first news message. You can add multiple news messages which will be displayed as a slideshow. The banners can rotate every 1 to 9 seconds, and you can decide to show the banners random or have the first added banner always appear first.

Newsfeed messages

You can accompany your news message with a video or image. You can upload an image from a URL or file. There are no requirements for these images, however, we recommend landscape or square images. You can also upload a video, by adding a YouTube or Vimeo link.

Sponsor session

Logo in programme

If you add a company logo, it will be shown in the list of sessions (in list view only) and on the session's detail page. The logo should have a size of 900x150px.

Note: the logo won’t be seen in the daily programme on the web app or in the table view of the mobile app.

Session banner

It is also possible to place a clickable banner at the top of a session detail page. The banner image should have a size of 1200x600px. The video should be a Vimeo or YouTube link.

Virtual room

Placeholder slide

A unique placeholder can be added for sponsored sessions using the built-in virtual rooms. This image should have a size of 1280x720px and must be less than 2MB.

Virtual room banner

You can add a unique banner in each virtual room which will be displayed below the slides frame. This image should have a size of 1280x160px. The image could be linked to an object or page in the app, or an external URL.


Large card with banner in industry list

Sponsors have the option to appear on a large card with a customisable banner in the industry overview. Large cards appear at the top of the list. This image should have a size of 1200x600px.

Company pages

Companies have the option to fill in their pages with information and slideshows to get the attendee's attention and include links to their booths, sessions, website, or social media pages as a way to get in touch.

Side panel with logo and background

The logo image should have a size of 600x600px, and the background image should have a size of 1200x600px.

Slideshow images

In both layouts, up to 8 slideshow images can be shown. Images should have a size of 1280x480px.

institution detail mobile - full detail page 1

Tip! Read this article for more information about company pages.

Exhibitor booth

This is a customisable page that can be built to individual needs including a background image (web only) and logo; a video; a slideshow; information texts; downloadable resources; links to external websites, social media, and contact information; as well as a drop business card feature for attendees to get in touch with the sponsors.


The logo image should have a size of 600x600px

Custom Background

The background behind the different sections (purple-blue image in the example below) can be customised. This image should have a size of 1920x384px. Please note this image is only used in the web app.


Up to 8 slideshow images can be shown, they should have a size of 1280x480px.

Tip! Read this article for more information about exhibitor booths.