🛠️ Event preparation for on-site attendance

A brief overview of tips & tricks to help you to make the most out of your event experience.

How can I have successful on-site attendance?

💾 Save your login details

Ensure that your browser is set to remember your login password for easy login and have your password and email noted down somewhere. In case you need to restart your browser, you will be able to come back online promptly.

🔔 Enable notifications from the platform

Allow notifications from the mobile app and web app so that you can always receive the latest news and updates.
(see How can I receive push notifications?)

✏️  Set up your profile

Fill in your profile and allow new chats and appointments in your settings.
(see Where can I change my profile settings?)

🗓️  Create your own programme

Explore the event programme. Create your own attendance programme by saving your favourites in your profile.
(see How can I create my programme?)