Data deletion process

This article outlines the data deletion process including our suggestions.

If your contract expired and is not renewed, we inform you that we are about to retire your event backend. You’ll no longer be able to access the backend, and all data associated with your events (past, draft and future) and community will be deleted.

This action is irreversible, and data cannot be recovered.

Step 1: Learn what gets deleted?

Data related to your community, including:

  • Customer metadata (name, logo, URL, etc.)

  • Events ⇒ See below

  • Community ⇒ the set of all users, with for each user all associated (eureka) user data ⇒ See below

  • Messages (community level)

  • Mobile app (configuration and builds)

  • Settings

  • Analytics (community level)

  • Company/ Organisation (Team member information and access)

Data related to your events including:

  • Event metadata (name, banner, location, description, etc.)

  • Pages & type system

  • Event data (sessions, presentations, posters, persons, institutions, etc.) including:

    • Invites to speaker/ moderator/ host dashboards

    • Session recordings & pre-recordings

    • Resources (mostly pdfs and images)

    • Persons and linked users (attendees; user-person merge)

    • Institutions and linked users users (representatives)

  • Gamification setup

  • Imports & Releases

  • Images

  • Attendees (this is the community filtered by those who are in this event)

  • Settings

  • Messages

  • Analytics

Data related to your users (per user) including:

  • User Profile: general fields, contact information, links, event-specific fields

  • Roles & Participation: attendee at …, speaker at …, etc.

  • Bookmarks & notes

  • Networking: contacts & appointments

  • Engagement: questions, liked questions, voting questions, ratings

  • Chat messages & social posts

  • Gamification: achievements, progress & points

Step 2: Review & download your info

Before the deletion process takes place:

  1. Export the data of your events; Programme data, analytics & session recordings.

  2. Export your Community and user data.

Step 3: Inform your users that they no longer have access to their accounts.

Tip! You can inform your users that the app will no longer be in-use via a push notification.

Step 4: Remove the app from the stores.

Step 5: Delete app store’s accounts authorization.