Your on-site attendee support preparation

You have decided to opt-in for on-site attendee support. Great news! We will be there to support you and your attendees at the venue. To prepare for an optimal on-site support experience and high app engagement follow the 7 tips & tricks below.

  1. 📍 LOCATION 

    Where you set the booth in the venue matters. Setting the booth in the wrong location can lead to many non-app-related questions and attendees directed from one side of the venue to the other. Of course, this makes the attendees not very happy. The best place for the app booth is a central location at the venue, and close to the general helpdesk where your staff is located. When there are questions that we cannot answer (as well as the event staff can), we can forward them to the general helpdesk nearby. 
    Before the event, train your staff on how to find certain information in the app, or ask us to do this in the morning before the event! This allows them to show attendees quickly where to find answers to their questions in the app and maximizes app engagement.

  2. 📣 SIGNAGE   

    Once you found the right location, make sure the signage is clear. Use signage like "App Service Desk" or "App Support", and avoid the word help(desk) as this leads to many non-app-related questions.
    During the event, there will be people standing in front of the app booth. So avoid putting the signage near the floor. The best practice is putting the signage above the app booth, so it’s always visible, also from afar!


  3. ℹ️ BOOTH SET-UP  

    Assisting people with their app questions can be awkward behind a high desk. Our support staff needs to bend over the desk to see the user’s phone and assist, this results often in us walking around the desk and standing in front of it. Therefore, high-standing tables are preferable and allow for more interaction with your attendees! Do have some chairs ready for the attendees who are not mobile, or for us to take a break from standing.


    With on-site support one of our goals is to maximize app engagement. When successful, your audience is using the app on-site all the time. Ensure a stable WiFi connection and enough charging stations throughout the venue. It would be unfortunate if attendees run out of battery and can no longer use the app! Please also have at least 4 power sockets in the app booth for our staff to charge their devices. 


    Next to having the app booth, promote the app on-site in (one of) the following ways:
    1. App banners at the entrance with QR codes to install the app. On the first day, in the morning, make sure someone from your staff is at the entrance to advise attendees to install the app! Also, make sure to include a banner at the app booth.
    2. Introduce your audience to the app in the Opening Session. In this session, you can also highlight the parts of the app that you are most proud of or what you want to draw the audience's attention towards!
    3. Put posters throughout the venue with QR codes to install the app.


    Do you want to take your on-site support services to the next level? Add a big touchscreen on-site with either the mobile app or the kiosk web app opened. This is great app promotion as well as it allows your audience to navigate quickly on-site. Have one of your on-site staff members standing next to the screen, to quickly assist your attendees to the right room for their next session.