Mobile App QR code

How to generate a QR code for Mobile App?

Use our built-in invitation system to personally invite your attendees to install the app. Read more here.

In order to promote the app to the attendees or make it easy to find the app in the stores you can generate a QR code that redirects the user to their respective Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

On your desktop/laptop, please find the app in both the Google Play store and the App Store. 

  • For the App store - you can find the app through the email titled ‘Your submission was accepted.’ You may also type your app name in the search bar of the App Store. 

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 16.15.53

  • For Google Play Store - type your app name in the search bar of the Playstore. Please use alternate search keys, if you cannot find the app at once. 

Once you have found the app, please copy the URLs from the browser and paste them into a QR code-generating website.

You can either generate separate QR codes using websites such as One QR code for Google Play Store and one for the App Store:      

Or, you can make a combined QR code using websites such as This QR automatically redirects the user to their respective app stores based on their device.