Set up the kiosk web app

In this article we explain how to set-up the kiosk web app.

As an organizer, you can set up another menu for your so-called kiosk web app, different from your web app for attendees. This kiosk web app can be used for public display, for example to promote your event on your website or to present on a public screen in the venue for on-site events. You can set up a completely new menu for your kiosk mode, which allows you to restrict certain event information to the official web app. Also in the kiosk mode, you cannot sign in, so any items you need to be signed in for (e.g. restricted tabs, virtual rooms, chat) are not available.


  1. Go to Pages & Structure.
  2. Go to the tab Web App.
  3. Set the Kiosk mode to Available to make the settings appear:
  • Via Open kiosk app you can retrieve the URL.
  • You can set a password if you want to protect access to the kiosk mode.
  • Below Navigation type you can set the type of navigation:
    • Top menu: the menu items will be exactly the same as set for the mobile app. They will be shown at the top of the page.
    • Side menu: below Items, you can add any menu item you want to be publicly available. They will be shown in a menu left of the page.