Floq Email invitation templates

Through the Floq Studio, you can send 7 types of invitations:

  • Attendee invite (sent through the Attendee list)
  • Attendee reminder (sent through the Attendee list)
  • Vote & Ask moderator invite (sent through virtual & interactivity > backstage access)
  • Moderator invite (sent through virtual & interactivity > backstage access)
  • Speaker invite (sent through virtual & interactivity > backstage access)
  • Host invite (sent through virtual & interactivity > backstage access)
  • Representative invite (sent through virtual & interactivity > representatives)

Customize your email invitations

Each email invitation can be customised in the Event Settings:

First, add your branding:
    • Header image: This image is shown above the email. Create a 900x450px version of your event branding for it.
    • Accent colour: The accent colour is used for the title, for links in the email and for the footer line. Make sure the colour matches your event branding

Second, customize the text. You find a default text in each template, but we advise customising this to your event.

  • Subject: This is the subject of the email; both shown in the subject line and as the title in the email itself.
  • Body text: You can use tags to personalize the email
    • [firstname], [lastname]: when sending the email, this will be replaced by the first or last name as set in the attendee list.
    • [appstore], [playstore]: these are the links to the app on the App or Play Store. These links are automatically generated when the mobile app is built.
    • [webapp]: to add a link to your web app
    • [my sessions]: to add a link to the invitation overview on Floq Live for speaker, moderator, host or Vote & Ask moderators.


  1. The texts on the buttons "My sessions" and "Web App" can be customised
  2. Use the preview button to see the final result
  3. Click on to restore to the default template

Email templates

Important! Before sending invitations, make sure that the App Store ID is added to your App Settings. This is needed to have the App Store button linked.