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How to set up a live stream?

In this article, we explain how to set-up a livestream for a virtual session.

Note that the moderator dashboard needs to be opened on a computer with a built-in camera.

Our built-in virtual platform supports live streaming. In order to live stream, you need access to the moderator dashboard of a session. 

On the moderator dashboard, you can add your live stream in two ways:

  • RTMP:
    Read this article for instructions on how to set up an RTMP stream.
  • External video / audio input: 
  1. Open the moderator dashboard of the session in which you are live streaming.
  2. On the bottom toolbar, you can turn your camera and microphone on and off using the buttons in the centre. With the small arrow on the right side, you can select external audio or video sources.
  3. In the Live Speaker list on the right side, select yourself as the Presenting Speaker by clicking the computer icon that appears when hovering over the person’s name. A red tag ‘Presenting’ is shown above the active speaker. Your live stream will appear in the speaker frame on your dashboard.
  4. You can control whether the room is open or closed in the bottom-left corner. Attendees can only access a virtual room when it is open. We advise opening a virtual room 10-15 minutes before the session starts. This is the equivalent of allowing people some time to come into a physical room where the session takes place so that they can get settled.

    If a room has been opened but the session is not broadcasting yet, the attendees in the virtual room cannot see or hear your stream yet.

  5. You can control when the session is broadcasting or not using the broadcast button in the bottom-left corner. This button only appears once the room is opened. When broadcasting starts, attendees will be able to see your live stream. When the session is broadcasting, it is recorded automatically, a Live tag is shown in the slides and speaker frame, and a timer starts running in the lower-left corner.

  6. Once the session is over, stop broadcasting and close the room.

Tip! Check this article for video quality specifications!