Step 5) Enable access restriction for virtual rooms, recordings and other event information

It could be that you do not want everyone to be able to access your virtual rooms. This could be restricted to those who registered virtually (hybrid events) or paying attendees only; find more use cases below.

Our platform allows you to restrict the virtual rooms or on-demand recordings, to a specific group. 

1) Create groups of attendees

First, if you haven't done it yet, you will need to create groups for your attendees. To do that, check this article.

Tip! You can restrict content to one group only. This means that you cannot restrict access to everyone in the groups "Virtual" AND "Paid", instead, you would need one group "Virtual - Paid".

2) Restrict access

Once you have created groups for your attendees, go to Pages and Structure > Data structures. Click on the data type you would like to restrict access to:

In Advanced Settings, you will find two sections:
  1. Virtual room can be accessed by: here you can select which attendees will be allowed to click on the "enter virtual room" and the "view recordings" buttons on the detail page. Choose an option from the drop-down menu - these correspond to the groups you previously created.
  2. Tab can be accessed by: here you can select which attendees can see each of the tabs. You can also rename the tab if you like. The tabs display the following information:
  • Info: contains the description of the item, and the persons/sponsors/classifiers linked to it.
  • Schedule: contains the programme items linked to the item.
  • Resources: contains the PDFs, websites or other links linked to the item.
  • Interactive: contains the interactive features that are set for the item (vote/ask/chat).