Step 2) Customise your speaker/moderator/host email invitation

Before inviting your Speakers and Moderators to their sessions, Step 3, we recommend that you take the time to personalise the invitation email that will be sent to them.

You can personalise your invitation in Settings > Emails.

1) Layout: Add a header image and an accent colour

Add a header image to your email and select an accent colour that will be applied to the subject of the email and to the links. 

2) Write your invitation text

Scroll down to "Moderator/speaker invitation" where the body of your email can be customised. A default text is already included; you can modify it to your needs. Make sure to keep the words in brackets as they are, as they will make sure the emails will be personalised and link to your mobile and/or web app.

Use the preview button to visualise the invitation email.

Once your template is ready, your personalised email will be sent when inviting Speakers, Moderators and Hosts. Sending those invites is the next step!