Set layout of institution and exhibitor pages

As an organiser, you can choose between 2 layout options:

Which layout should I choose?

The Exhibitor booth opens on a full page and focuses on networking features, making it ideal for online events. Features like company representatives are emphasised, and it includes some exclusive networking options such as a Drop business card.

The Institution page opens as a side panel (web) or full-page (mobile) and focuses on branding, making it more suitable for onsite events. The space for images (logo and background image) is bigger than the one of the Exhibitor booth on mobile. That said, it also includes networking options like representatives.

To see what each option looks like, check out pages 16-18 of our Sponsor brochure.

How to set a layout

  1. Go to Institutions and click Edit for the institution for which you would like to set the layout.
  2. In the section Detail page, select Side panel or Exhibitor booth.
  3. Fields appear for those items you can add.