Release notes Q3 2024

This article contains the release notes for the releases of the web app, mobile app and Floq Studio done in Q3 2024.

4 July 2024

Features and improvements

Scheduled jobs

If you have added a channel to your studio, you can now schedule a job in the Integrations page, tab Scheduled jobs. This means that at a date and time selected by you, the channel(s) you added will run and after that a release is made.

At the bottom of the (empty) table, click the button Add job. This will open the following modal.

Here you can set a name for the job, and you can set different options: if it should be a one-time job, or repeat hourly or daily. In the latter case, you can set the start and end time of the job. Please note that there are restrictions to this, to make sure that jobs are not running while not needed.

The results of the channel run in the Runs table on the Programme data sync tab, and that of the release in the Publish table.

Data editors & data types

  • In the Tags table, items with just a colour or just an icon are now also showing this in front of their name. Before, the icon or circle would only be shown for items with a custom icon or those with a colour and icon. In teh screenshot below: 1. colour and icon, 2. icon only, 3. colour only, 4. custom icon.

  • When you select another object below ‘Part of schedule’ (and not a Schedule type), the start date and end date are updated to that of the selected object and are locked. This prevents for example presentations to be accidentally created on another day than the session they belong to.

  • When manually deleting an item to which another item references, a warning is shown that the item is referred to. After confirming, those references will be deleted. An example: when deleting a topic that is linked to a programme item, it is properly removed from the programme item. This is for both manual changes as those coming from a channel, though the latter will not show a warning.
  • A warning is shown when trying to delete a Schedule or Role type to which objects are linked. The type can then not be deleted. A similar warning was already shown for the other categories.


  • The Files tab that was in the Channels side menu item, has been moved to the Images side menu item. This item has been renamed to File library.


In the Q&A section in the virtual and non-virtual moderator dashboards, a few improvements were applied that make it easier to have a good overview over the incoming questions.

  • On the non-virtual dashboard, where there's a lot of space, the visible and invisible questions are no longer distributed on different tabs, but appear in one list. This way you can more easily see how questions move from one section to the other. Since in the virtual dashboard there is less space, the tabs are kept there.
  • Questions can be marked as answered. Answered questions are disabled and can be found at the bottom of the Invisible questions list.
  • The automatic sorting of the visible questions has been updated. They are by default sorted on the time they were made visible, where the one made visible last is at the bottom. Additionally, they can be manually resorted by dragging them up or down. This same sorting is used in the mobile app, web app and on the presentation screen.

Bug fixes

  • In the studio, page titles are now correctly applied when creating an event from a template.
  • What turning on the Check in feature, the list of checkins is now correctly displayed on the web app. Before, the list remained empt even though you were checked in to items.
  • The web vote URL is now responsive: on small screens the options are displayed below each other instead of in 2 columns.