Artwork Guidelines - (Single) Event App

This article describes the event artwork you need for a (single) event app.

Following our guidelines to create your artwork, ensures that images in your app will appear optimally across different devices and screen sizes.

In the table below you will find the required dimensions for the artwork. For all images, you can use either PNG or JPG, unless specified otherwise, less than 2 MB.

More explanations and examples are given in the paragraphs below.

Note that artwork items indicated with a * are only required for Single Event Apps.
If you are hosting your event in a Society App, this does not need to be provided each time!



Dimensions (px)

App icon*

iOS icon

Android icon

1024x1024 (PNG only)

1024x1024 (PNG only)

Google Play Store*


Feature graphic

512x512 (PNG only)

1024x500 (PNG only)

Welcome screen*



Confirmation and password reset emails*



Installation screen header



Invite email



screen



Intro page


















Full-screen image


News feed





Floor plans

Floor plan

max. 4000x4000

Session images

Session sponsor logo

Session banner



Profile images


Profile picture



IMPORTANT: To maximize the app's performance and speed, images should be less than 1MB, but preferably as small as possible. Use JPG when the image is photographic, and PNG for graphics and text. To convert one to the other, go to or To compress large images, either PNG or JPG, use

App icon*

The app icon is the visual anchor for your app. It should reflect your Society app while remaining sharp and legible at a small scale. Because iOS and Android crop icons in different ways, two different icons are needed to make sure it looks good on both platforms. For iOS, only the corners are rounded. For Android, a mask is applied and more of the original image is cropped: try to make your artwork no bigger than 600x600px and align it in the centre of the image.

Apple                                                    Android

Both images should be a 1024x1024px PNG and should have no transparency or shadow.

Google Play Store images*

To submit your app to the Google Play Store, create the following images that represent your app:

  • A square icon of 512x512px. You can resize the App icon for this.

  • A feature graphic of 1024x500px

Both images should be PNG without transparency or shadow. Please note that the corners of the image will be automatically rounded, so important information should be kept from the edges.

Welcome screen*

The welcome screen is displayed while the app opens and loads. The length of time for which the welcome screen appears depends on the size of the app and the speed of the device.

The welcome screen is composed of a square logo (1024x1024px, see dashed line in the image below) on top of the background colour. Make sure the logo has transparency so that it looks good on the background colour.

Confirmation and password reset email*

If you're allowing your users to log in to the app with their email addresses, you can brand the emails that are sent. These are the mail to verify a user's email address or to reset their password. You can set a header image (900x300px) and a hexadecimal (e.g. #FFFFFF) accent colour, used for titles, buttons, and links.

Invite email

If you are using the invite feature from the attendee list, you can brand the emails that are sent. You can set a header image (900x450px) and a hexadecimal (e.g. #FFFFFF) accent colour, used for titles, buttons, and links.

Installation screen header

While installing the event, an image is shown at the top of the page. This image is the same as the one that is used for the event tile (Society App) and should be 1260x600px.

background

If a user signs in to the mobile app, they see a full-screen image behind the section where they can sign in. This image should be 1920x1080px. Please note that for the mobile app, depending on the user's screen size, parts of it will be cut off, so use a general pattern for the background image.


Intro page

An intro page is displayed when an event is opened. The duration can be configured.

Using the suffixes "_4-3_port", "_16-10_land", etc. in your file naming as listed below, will allow for all of the images to be uploaded at once into the configurator. An Adobe Illustrator template with export-ready artboards is available upon request.

We require the image in the following sizes:

  1. intro_4-3_port | 1536x2048px

  2. intro_4-3_land | 2048x1536px

  3. intro_16-9_port | 1440x2560px

  4. intro_16-9_land | 2560x1440px

  5. intro_16-10_port | 1600x2560px

  6. intro_16-10_land | 2560x1600px

  7. intro_195-9_port | 1440x3118px

  8. intro_195-9_land | 3118x1440px

Carousel images

Carousel images can be added after the intro page to showcase, for instance, sponsored content. Images are one size (1500x2000px) and appear as an overlay on the screen. The overlay can be closed by the user at any time.



News feed background

Behind the news feed, a square image (3000x3000px) is shown on top of a customizable background color (hexadecimal, e.g. #FFFFFF). This image is resized for all screen sizes but remains square. If you use PNG, you can add a gradient from transparent to solid to the bottom of the image, so that it transitions nicely to the background color.

News feed banners

Optionally, you can add one or multiple banners (2400x600px) above the first news message, which will be displayed as a slideshow.


Floor plans

You can upload one or multiple floor plans in an event. Floor plans should have a maximum size of 4000x4000px.                        


Session images

You can also add images to a session page: a logo above the session in the list, and/or a banner on the session detail page.

Sponsor logo

The sponsor logo appears above the session name in the daily programme. The image should have a size of 900x150px.

Session banner

It is also possible to place a clickable banner or video at the top of a session detail page. The banner image should have a size of 1200x600px. The video should be a YouTube or Vimeo URL.


Profile images


You can change the default background image behind all person profiles. This image will be used for all person's pages in this event. This image should have a size of 1200x600px.

Profile picture

For speaker or presenter images, we require a profile picture with a size of 600x600px. Faces should be positioned in the centre of the photo as they will be cropped to a circle.