Team members: Roles & Permissions in Floq Studio

This article describes how you can invite other people from your team to manage your app or event in Floq Studio.

Please note that this article refers only to adding member in Floq Studio. For the old CMS, please refer to this article.

After signing in to  your Floq Studio, you will find the Company page in the left menu. 

On the Team members tab, you can add, edit and delete team members to access your app or events.

There are three different roles for a team member: Floq Admin, Floq Manager or Event Admin. The rights of these different roles are described in the table below.

Please note that certain functionality is not yet supported, but planned for future development.

Add a team member

To add a team member, click Invite team member at the top left of the page.

The following modal opens:

Add the email address, first name and last name of the new team member. Below Role, choose the role to assign this member. Please note that you can only add team members with the same or a 'lower' role than yourself! In case of Event admin, also choose the event this member should have access to.

If you click Invite, an email is sent to the specified email address.