Release notes 8.1.3

This article contains the release notes for the 8.1.3 version of and Floq Studio, released December 2022.

Features and improvements

Dashboards & recordings

  • On the web app, the Vote card that is shown in the side panel when opening a programme item that has an active vote, is update:
    • When an active question is selected, the options and the Vote button are already shown, but are disabled. The button has the text Waiting for vote to start, so it's clear vote can start any time.
    • When a vote has been submitted, the option you voted for remains selected, and all options and the button are disabled. The button has the text Vote submitted, so it's clear you've already voted for this particular question.
  • The component that is used to upload the placeholder image from the moderator dashboard now also allows deleting the uploaded image. When doing so, the image as uploaded in the Studio will be used again, or the platform default one if no image is uploaded in the configurator.
  • In the moderator dashboard, the text Questions that is shown above the voting questions is updated to Voting questions, to avoid confusion with the Q&A questions.

Bug fixes

Web app

  • Placeholders uploaded from the Studio are now shown in the virtual room. Before, only placeholders uploaded from the moderator dashboard would be shown.
  • When a news message has an internal (cc://) link to a timed programme item, the date and time of the item is shown in the side panel when you open the link from the message. Before, all details were shown in the side panel, but the date and time would be missing.

Dashboards & recordings

  • On the speaker dashboard in Audience view, slides or the shared screen of other speakers are no longer stretched, but keep their aspect ratio.
  • On the host dashboard, you can no longer see who's viewing your PDF when the meeting hasn't started.
  • On the moderator and speaker dashboard, the icon on the Chat tab is now displayed as expected: it is no longer shown on or under the speaker frame.


  • Users that are not signed in that refresh the web app, no longer result in additional anonymous users in the event analytics.
  • Users that are signed in that open the web app in a second tab, no longer result in additional anonymous users in the event analytics.