Release notes 8.0

This article contains the release notes for the 8.0 version of and Floq Studio, released September 2022. Please note that for consistent numbering across platforms, we moved from 1.x / 7.x to 8.0.

Features and improvements

Host dashboard

  • A switch is added with which the host can choose to use the PDF that she uploaded in the live meeting or not. If this is off, the PDF is only used for the on-demand poster room. If it's on, it's also presented to participants when the live meeting is started. 
  • When you are on the Participant tab in the host dashboard and the room is still closed, or the room is open but there are no participants yet, a card is added that explains this.
  • When a host is not allowed to upload a file, the text 'Uploading your own file is not allowed as it will be uploaded by the organizer.' is updated to 'Uploading a file is only available when enabled by the organizer.', since not all organizers will upload a file.

Access restriction

  • When an event is restricted with a password, the sign-in background is shown behind this Enter password modal, instead of a grey background.
  • External virtual rooms can now be restricted to signed-in users only. This feature was already available for the mobile app since March 2022, and is now supported by the web app too.
  • Instead of as a small toast at the bottom, the messages that you do not have access to enter a room or to view a page, is displayed as a modal.

Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Links to the Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy have been added in the About this platform page on web app. In the create account and sign in modals, the link to the Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions were added; the Privacy Policy link was there already. Additionally, a modal is shown where you have to accept cookies when you open the web app for the first time, since the platform cannot function without them.

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Floq Studio

  • A link to the support portal is added at the top right in Floq Studio, next to the account name.
  • In the Event settings, on the tab Emails, the tooltip that is shown when hovering over App store ID is updated with the new App Store link.
  • An item About this platform is added to the profile dropdown top right, with links to the Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. By creating an account and signing in to your studio, you are agreeing to them as well.