Release notes 1.3

This article contains the release notes for the 1.3 version of, released August 2022.

Features and improvements

Non-virtual Vote & Ask

  • Vote & Ask moderators can now also delete chat messages from the conversation in the session they are moderating. Just hover over the messages, and choose the Delete icon that appears on the left.
  • Vote & Ask moderators can now hide the number of votes from the presentation screen. This feature was already released for virtual rooms in the previous release. Just go to the session settings top right, and turn it on in the modal.
  • In the presentation screen, a placeholder text is added when there are no visible Q&A questions and no active Vote questions. Also, a timer bar is shown at the top when a timer is set for the Vote question.


  • Moderators can now start Vote questions that other speakers and moderators have added. They will get a warning that the question will overrule the active presenter when they do so. This is especially useful for hybrid events, where clients are adding the question, but the AV technicians are the ones who should start them.
  • Speakers can activate a Vote question to test it, also when they are not the active presenter. In this case, the question is only shown on their own dashboard, and not that of the attendees in the session.


  • Moderators can now also select speakers and moderators that have their camera and microphone off as the active presenter. This can be useful in the following use cases:
    • A speaker/moderator wants to share her screen or present a PDF without the camera being visible, for example because she is presenting the slides in panel mode.

    • A speaker/moderator is up next, but still has her camera and mic off while the moderator introduces her. The transition is more fluent if the speaker/moderator is then already selected as active speaker, so that her slides are visible, and then she appears when camera and mic are turned on.

    • When a moderator has enabled RTMP, but the stream has not yet been started for example and you can select him/her anymore if you switch to somebody else.

  • When a speaker, moderator or attendee sends in a question for the Q&A, the confirmation that the question is sent is shown as a toast message top right instead of a persisting message below the text input field.
  • When hovering over a classifier dot/icon in the daily programme, a tooltip with the classifier name is shown above the mouse pointer. This way you can easily identify what the colors in the programme mean.
  • In list pages, classifiers are shown as list items instead of truncated tags, to make sure the whole classifier name is visible.
  • On small screens, the search box of the daily schedule is collapsed into a button to make space for the day selectors. When clicking the search button, it expands to a box.

Bug fixes

  • The dropdown that appears when clicking on the ... icon for a question in the Q&A on the moderator and speaker dashboard, now opens over the text input field instead of under it.
  • When the host enters the dashboard or does a hard refresh, their profile picture is no longer displayed for a second.
  • After uploading a profile picture from the host dashboard, it is directly visible in the profile. Before, you had to refresh the page.
  • The speaker and slides frame on the attendee dashboard remain in the 16:9 ratio, also when switching the main screen.
  • The introduction video player on the attendee dashboard no longer has a double slider for the elapsed time.
  • Daily schedule:
    • In list view, when there are no search results, the page is no longer empty but has the notification No results. Adjust your filters or try another keyword, like for horizontal and vertical view.
    • After doing a search, the day you were looking at initially remains selected, instead of the last day.
    • On Windows computers, the vertical scroll bar is now shown.