Release notes 1.2 / Configurator 7.18

This article contains the release notes for the 1.2 version of and the 7.18 version of the configurator, released July 2022.

Features and improvements

Projector view

A new projector view, that can be shown to the audience in hybrid events was added. It is a URL called Presentation link, that can be copied from the settings on the moderator dashboard. The projector view will contain the slides, the speaker video, and the Q&A and Vote, if enabled. It is a bit like the attendee dashboard for virtual attendees, but it doesn't show the sponsor banner, chat and attendee list.

On-demand poster room & host dashboard update

An on-demand poster room for attendees was added. This room is an on-demand equivalent of a hosted session, where attendees can view the poster or slides, listen to an audio description and chat with other attendees.

In the CMS, you can choose per data structure type whether or not such a room should be available. Please note that a PDF is required in order to have the room. You can upload this PDF also through the CMS, and set per data structure type whether you want to allow the host to add a PDF (and this overwrite the one from the CMS, if added).

New features have been added to the host dashboard to support the on-demand poster room:
  • If you are allowed to upload a PDF file (see bullet point above), you can now do so though the card top right.
  • You can record an audio description to accompany your slides or poster. Attendees in the on-demand room can play the recording while looking at the slides or poster.
  • You can participate in the chat to answer questions from the attendees in written.
  • Besides recording an introduction video on the platform itself, you can now also upload an introduction video from your computer.

Page branding

In the CMS, you can now upload a branding banner for pages of the type daily programme, navigation or list. This banner is shown above the page on the web app.

Remove people from panel discussion

Moderators can now turn off the camera of other moderators and speakers. Since all speakers and moderators that have their camera or mic on are shown in the panel discussion, this allows them to remove people that are unintentionally joining from there. Please note that they cannot turn the camera back on, just like they cannot unmute someone else.

Hide number of votes for the audience

When you use Vote in your event, you can now choose to hide the number of votes from the results. This means that your audience will only see the percentages. This can be turned off from the session settings from the moderator dashboard for both virtual and non-virtual sessions.


  • In the CMS, you can now set a default filter for a daily programme page. Whenever this page is opened in the web app, this filter is applied. You can use this feature to highlight certain sessions, that are also part of the full programme, in their own programme page.
  • Classifiers that are shown in the side panel, are now shown as 'pills', instead of in a list.
  • When an event is set to Coming soon in the event tile setting, this status is now reflected in the event info when opening the event from the event overview. You cannot click the Go to event button, but instead Coming soon is displayed.
  • Various small styling changes were made to the daily schedule, side panel, top and side menu, and dashboards.

Bug fixes

Pages & side panel

  • If on the landing page, there are no more sessions happening now than those that fit on the tile, the Read more button is no longer shown.
  • In the daily programme, Horizontal view is now shown the first time you view the programme. Before, it was only shown after you first switched to another view.
  • The images in a list of ePosters are no longer squeezed and classifier icons on the card are no longer cut off when there is a subtitle.
  • Opening news messages from the notification center now works as expected. Before, a blank page was shown.
  • When a vote question is active, but voting is not yet allowed, a preview of the question is already shown in the card on the side panel. Before, the question was only shown when voting was allowed.
  • In the event feed, when a picture is added to a post, the header that contains the profile picture and name of the person that posted it is no longer cut off.
  • When using the back button of the browser, the page title is now correctly updated. Before, the title of the page you would view before clicking the back button remained being displayed.

Dashboards & virtual rooms

  • The slides and speaker placeholder images are now shown in the correct place in all use cases: broadcasting on or off, with or without slides, with or without camera.
  • If you go from My sessions into a virtual dashboard and go back to My sessions, the camera and microphone are now disabled. Before, they remained on.
  • Scrolling in the My sessions list now works as expected.
  • When viewing an on-demand recording, the recording no longer starts from scratch when you click Make main screen on the speaker frame.
  • Host dashboard:
    • When opening the host dashboard, the cards tab is now by default selected on the bottom right, instead of no tab.
    • You can also change your account's profile picture from the host dashboard.
    • After recording an introduction video on the host dashboard, the message 'Add an introduction video by recording one.' is no longer shown above the video on the card.
    • Various improvements related to scrolling
  • If you turn off your microphone and then camera (in this order), and then turn them back on (in that same order) whilst being in a panel discussion, you will reappear in the panel. Before, you would be able to hear and see others, but would not reappear yourself.


  • Whenever you have indicated one of the options in a Vote question as the correct one, you can now untick it so that you no longer have a correct question.
  • If you edit a question, you can now add or remove options. Before, you couldn't change the number of options.
  • The image ratio when adding a picture to a vote question is now the same as how it is displayed to the attendees.


  • The preview button of news messages is working again.


  • Targeted messages now appear and disappear correctly from the list of news messages and from the notification center. 
  • The number of favourites that is shown next to Favourites in the profile dropdown that opens top right, is now correct. Before, it was always 0.
  • When adding a session to your calendar, choosing iCalendar or Outlook no longer opens a blank page.
  • When you don't confirm your email after creating an account, but still click the 'I confirmed my email' button, the warning text is no longer displayed out of the window.
  • Missing translations for various texts were added.
  • A browser notification is now shown when a news message or targeted message is received.
  • When there is an update available, but you close the message that appears, a badge now remains shown on the profile top right, and on About this app when you open the profile dropdown. Before, the last one was missing.