Release notes / Floq Studio 8.1

This article contains the release notes for the 8.1 version of and Floq Studio, released December 2022.

Features and improvements


The app and event analytics dashboard and export have been rewritten completely for optimal speed and performance. The dashboards themselves or the available numbers have not been updated, but some inconsistencies have been solved. A few examples: 

  • Notes, livestreams and recordings are added to the Event engagement tab.
  • (Unique) users are renamed to Attendees.
  • Virtual session information no longer has its own tab; instead this info can be found in the Objects tab.
  • The graph style is updated.

Exporting the data does work a bit differently: it opens a popup that is shown while the report is loading, and then another one when it's ready. Reports should take maximum 1 minute.

Floq Studio

  • The field Linked user for Persons in the data can now be locked. This means it will no longer be cleared when running a channel import.
  • The tab Social & chat moderators has been removed from the Virtual & Interactivity page, since the moderation is now done within the studio.
  • When clicking on the question mark top right, the support portal now opens in a new tab instead of in the same page.

Web app

  • The section Upcoming events in the Floq dashboard is renamed to Upcoming and ongoing events. When an event you have access to is ongoing, it is shown in this section instead of in the Past events section.

Dashboards & recordings

  • In the Q&A section on the speaker and moderator dashboard, the name of the person that asked a question is now directly visible. Before, this was only the case on the attendee dashboard.
  • A warning message is now shown when clicking the Stop broadcast button. This makes it less likely that moderators accidentally press the button, which would cause the attendees to no longer see the speakers or moderators, and a gap in the session recording.
  • The icon to delete your PDF is now always visible in the host dashboard, instead of only when hovering over the file name.

Bug fixes

Floq Studio

  • When a studio has a long name, it is now displayed correctly in the overview of all studios you have access to.
  • In this same studio overview, the studios are now sorted by name, instead of by date you were added to them.
  • You can no longer remove your own account from the Team members list.

Web app

  • Italic hyperlinks in news messages are now visible in the landing page. Before, the linked text would disappear.

Dashboards & recordings

  • The speaker and slides placeholders are now correctly displayed in the session recording. Additionally, avatars or placeholder avatars (a circle with initials) are shown in the recording when a user has her camera off.