Release notes 8.5

This article contains the release notes for the 8.5 versions of and Floq Studio.


Released May 2023

Features and improvements

  • Access restriction to groups can now be added for info tiles. Just turn on the toggle Restrict access, and select the group that should have access. For now, only one group at a time can be selected.
  • The error message that is shown when the a studio is updated to a newer version, is now more friendly.
  • The event list can now be filtered on the event status: Available, Coming soon, or All.
  • If you try leave a page after making any changes, for example by clicking another item in the side menu or another tab, a warning message is shown. In this message, you can choose to save or discard the changes you made.
  • A warning message is shown when you try to change the language to another one, since all changes made to that language will be discarded.

Bug fixes

  • Floq managers no longer have the option to delete an even from the event list. Before, the button was there, but not responding.
  • The event icon can now be deleted. Before, it would reappear after leaving the page and coming back.
  • While the name of a studio is loading, the tab name shows Floq Studio instead of undefined Floq Studio.
  • When selecting the 1- hour format (H:mm a), this is now correctly shown in the mobile and web apps. Before, the hour would still be shown in 24-hour format.
  • Introduction videos that are uploaded from the host dashboard, instead of being recorded there, are now also visible in the CMS. Before, they would not be shown.