Release notes Q1 2023

This article contains the release notes for the releases of and Floq Studio done in Q1 2023.

21 March 2023

Features and improvements


  • The text about sharing your screen that appears on the speaker dashboard when not having uploaded slides, is updated to refer to the Share screen button bottom right.
  • In the non-virtual Vote & Ask dashboard, the tickboxes to indicate the correct answer have been removed. This is because the correct answer is not shown on the presentation screen, because that is also used during voting.


  • Performance improvements have been done for the analytics: before, a new request to the server was done whenever another tab in the analytics was selected. Now, this request is only done when the report dates are changes, the page is refreshed, or every 10 minutes.

Bug fixes

  • In grid lists of programme items that are set up as moderated virtual sessions, the PDF from the speaker is no longer used to as image in the session's card.
  • In moderated virtual sessions, the voting results now appear on the moderator dashboard while voting is still running.

6 March 2023

Features and improvements

  • The performance of the analytics dashboard has been improved: the dashboard loads faster because the queries are optimized and only made when a dashboard is opened for the first time, the page is refreshed, or the data range changes, instead of every time the tab is clicked.
  • In the host dashboard, all textual references to the on-demand poster room have been removed from the cards on the right, since it could happen that there is no on-demand room (where the poster PDF, introduction video and/or audio description are shown) at all.
  • Translations have been added for a few texts in the web app.
  • The text style of all headings in the side panel have been made consistent.

Bug fixes

  • When creating a pre-recording from the speaker dashboard, the first seconds of the speaker video in the recording are now also sharp. Before, they were a bit blurry and would only become sharp after a short while.
  • When linking recordings with a batch-edit action through the data and choosing the Session recording, the latest recording is taken, either a video uploaded by the moderator, or session recording. Before, always the uploaded video would be selected.

9 February 2023

Features and improvements

  • The attendee list can be filtered by the country. Please note that it will only return the countries of the attendees that have filled it in in their profile.

  • Analytics samples from the web app are now synced to the studio every 5 minutes instead of every 15 minutes. 
  • When a hosted session has the virtual room button set to Off, the Live tag is not displayed in the web app when the host clicks the Start meeting button on her dashboard. This is to avoid confusion for posters where the host is only invited to record an introduction videos or audio recordings and the poster won't have a live presentation.