Release notes 7.17 / 1.0

This article contains the release notes for the 7.17 release of the platform, released June 2022.

In this release, we introduce Before, the web app and the dashboard were both on a different code base, which resulted in moderators, speakers and hosts having to login on another URL as attendees. From now on, it's on the same code base and thus URL, so moderators, speakers and hosts can access their sessions through the programme of the web app.

Furthermore, all features what were available on the web app or dashboards before, are available in this release too. Furthermore, some new features were deployed and some fixes are done.

Main features


  • As an organizer, you can now set list page of programme items or posters to be displayed as Grid view. In the CMS, you can upload a PDF to use as thumbnail for the gallery image. Support for importing these PDFs through Excel or a channel will be added later.
  • As an organizer, you can set up another menu for your so-called kiosk web app, different from your web app for attendees. This kiosk web app can be used for public display, for example to promote your event on your website or to present on a public screen in the venue for on-site events. In the kiosk mode, you cannot sign in, so any items you need to be signed in for (e.g. restricted tabs, virtual rooms, chat) are not available.
  • From the Edit profile dropdown top right in the web app, you can now change your password. Just enter the current password and the new one. You can also delete your own account from here.


  • As a a moderator, speaker or host, you can now enter the sessions you are participating in through the web app. Just open the side panel of your session, click the dropdown button and choose whether you want to join backstage or as an attendee. Please note that if the room is not yet open, the option to join as an attendee is not available.
  • On the host dashboard, you can now record an introduction video. If the organiser has allowed you, this video will be displayed in the banner above the title on the side panel. It can for example be used as a pitch why people should view the poster or join the hosted session.
  • The dashboard to moderate Vote & Ask of non-virtual sessions has been updated and is now more like the dashboard to moderate virtual sessions.
  • In virtual sessions, moderators can now delete messages of others from the moderator dashboard. Besides that, all chat participants, either attendees or backstage users, can delete their own messages.
  • On the moderator and speaker dashboard, Q&A tab, the user name of the one that asked a question is displayed above the question. You no longer have to open the question details to see it.
  • The speaker placeholder, which is shown when there's no one presenting yet, can now be seen on the moderator dashboard. Please note that it is not used when a presenter's camera is off; then the avatar is displayed. 

Bug fixes

  • Analytics: the number of users in the Countries tab of the Excel export is now correct.
  • Community: when you delete a user from the attendee list of one event, it is no longer deleted from the attendee list of all events.