Release notes 7.16

This article contains the release notes for the 7.16 release of the platform, released May 2022.



  • Fixed issue: if you replace a floor plan image with the Change image option, the image is properly replaced on mobile and web.

  • Fixed issue: when you create a button or menu item using a URL to evaluation forms, the form can no longer be filled in twice.

Data structures & data

  • Fixed issue: when reordering classifiers below the sections on the page, they no longer sometimes change their order again, but remain sorted.

  • Fixed issue: the Interactive tab was added in the Advanced settings of institutions that have a side panel layout. As this tab is not applicable when using the exhibitor layout, it will then not be visible.


  • Fixed issue: when importing attendees with Excel, their email addresses are converted to lowercase characters. This will fix the issues with duplicate users and allows inviting users as usual.

  • Fixed issue: in the history of an individual user, messages that are scheduled to be delivered for a user now have the text 'Message ‘XXX’ scheduled for delivery. Before, the text was 'Received', but since it's added to the history at the moment it is scheduled, this was not correct.


  • Fixed issue: event analytics are working again. Before, you were being redirected to the society screen after loading had completed.

  • Fixed issue: if you use the same account on different devices to view a news message, the number of users is now correct. Before, it was showing the number of devices instead of the number of users.

  • Fixed issue: chat messages sent in on-demand rooms are now also counted. Before, only messages in live rooms were included.

  • Fixed issue: the number of rates for an item is now included in the export.



  • Fixed issue: some small alignment and padding issues of the top menu were fixed.

Sign in

  • Fixed issue: the modal to enter your email address when signing in no longer opens over the event info modal. Instead, the event info modal closes when you proceed to enter your email address.

  • Fixed issue: when you enter something that is not an email address in the first step of the sign-in, the error message is no longer hidden behind the Continue button and is translated.

Daily schedule

  • Improvement: if you filter or search in the programme, days that do not return results are hidden. If you selected a day and then apply a filter that would hide this day, the next day with results is automatically selected. Only when there are no results on any of the days, the placeholder image is shown.

  • Improvement: when one or multiple sessions are taking place now, the daily programme will scroll towards the first session happening now.

  • Fixed issue: classifier icons and dots on the daily schedule no longer flicker.

  • Fixed issue: the card height in the horizontal view is updated so that subtitles on cards that also have a classifier are not cut off.


  • Improvement: the layout of classifiers lists has been improved: the 'pills' have the correct left margin and the spacing between them has been increased.

  • Improvement: in a person list, photos that are not square will now fill the complete circle, instead of having white space at the right and left or top and bottom.

  • Improvement: some styling changes have been made so that the attendee list is now consistent with any other person lists.

Exhibitor booth

  • Fixed issue: when there is no company description filled in, the related section on the Info tab is not visible.


  • Fixed issue: when viewing the notes overview page after viewing another page, the header no longer shows the name of the previous page, but is always Notes.

  • Fixed issue: when clicking a note in the notes overview, the note itself is opened instead of the object for which the note was created.


  • Just like speakers, moderators can now add Vote questions and start those from their dashboards. Because there are already many features on the moderator dashboard, some changes had to be made in order to support this.

    • The list of uploaded videos and pre-recordings has moved right below the list of live speakers. This way all users or video's that can be selected as active show in the same list

    • From the bottom left panel, questions can be added and selected.

    • When activating a question, the dashboard will go into Vote mode. The speaker/video list, that won't be used at that moment, is then hidden. When closing the voting mode, the dashboard goes back to its normal state.

  • Fixed issue: if there are many video/audio input sources, the height of the dropdown is automatically adjusted. Before, it was a fixed height, and as a result, you could not select all sources.