Release notes 7.14

This article contains the release notes for the 7.14 release of the platform, released March 2022



  • From the configurator, you can link a digital badge to any attendee of an event. This can be imported along with other data from you attendees, or entered manually and should be a URL to a PDF, JPG or PNG. When linked, a new item Digital badge is added in the side menu in the web app and mobile app. When clicked, the badge is shown within the app.

  • Two settings that are no longer relevant were removed from the App settings: Enable Eureka and App layout.

  • Fixed issue: in the event settings, the settings Attendee list and Event layout are no longer mixed up. Attendee list has been removed as it was not in use.

  • Fixed issue: when turning interactive features on/off, the Check in option no longer moves to the next line on small screens.


  • Computing the analytics reports now happens in the backend, instead of the browser. As a result, reports load faster.

  • If you have used different introduction pages, you can now distinguish them in the analytics export by their file name.

  • Fixed issue: in the analytics export below Users - Countries, the total number of users is now correct.

  • Fixed issue: banner views and clicks are now also in the analytics export.

  • Fixed issue: for check-ins, the number of unique users is now correct. Before, it was the same as the total number of check-ins.

  • Fixed issue: private chat messages are no longer in the analytics export per user.

  • Fixed issue: chat messages sent in on-demand rooms are now also included in the analytics. Before, only message sent in live sessions were included.



  • The mobile app now supports deep links that are scanned from a QR code. These links can open a page or object in the app. If the app is not yet installed, the user will be redirected to the App or Play Store. After opening the app, the event info will open, and after installing the event, the page or object will open. For now, the links have to be generated manually. Later in 2022 support to generate them from the configurator will be added. The link structure is as follows:

  • You can now change the text of Select in the daily programme filter from the language strings.

  • External virtual rooms can now be restricted to signed-in users only. This way you can make your event public, whilst restricting your virtual rooms.

  • Fixed issue: chat now works as expected in on-demand rooms. Before, the tab was there but you could not use it.

  • Fixed issue: the app will adjust automatically to summer/wintertime. It is no longer needed to make a release after the change.

  • Fixed issue: when you link a navigation page to a PDFs with the option to open in external browser, this now works as expected.

  • Fixed issue: there is no more white space above the first news message in the society news.

  • Fixed issue: some untranslated strings are now translated.

My profile

  • Fixed issue: the app is no longer crashing when you try to add a social link to your profile for the first time.

  • Fixed issue: the Twitter link no longer appears when adding another social link in your profile.

Lists & detail pages

  • Fixed issue: cards in grid view with or without subtitle have the same size.

  • Fixed issue: the color set for Highlight is used to highlight sessions, instead of the contrast color.

  • Fixed issue: on small devices, the time in the daily programme is no longer cut off, but displayed on one line.

  • Fixed issue: on the programme item detail page, the date and time each have their own line, to make sure the text always fits, even on small screens.

  • Fixed issue: when you have added a default session banner, it appears correctly in the detail page.

Exhibitor booth

  • Fixed issue: the tab bar in the exhibitor booth is scrollable, so you can always see all items even though their titles are long

  • Fixed issue: Vimeo videos in the exhibitor booth are now playing correctly.

  • Fixed issue: video's no longer auto-play for 1 or 2 seconds when opening the booth.

  • Fixed issue: the welcome screen is no longer cut off on the sides on some devices, but always fully visible.

  • Fixed issue: on Android, the status of the representatives is shown right when you open the exhibitor booth. Before, you had to tap the representatives card.

  • Fixed issue: if as a representative, you sign out of the mobile app, you no longer still appear as online in the exhibitor booth.

  • Fixed issue: when you are a representative of an exhibitor and you click yourself in the exhibitor booth, the page where you can edit your profile opens, instead of your public profile where you can connect or chat with yourself.

Web app

  • The branding options of the web app have been improved:

    • you can now add an event icon top left

    • the primary color is used in the app bar

  • From the configurator, you can upload a default placeholder for the slides and speaker frame. The placeholder will be shown to the attendees on the web app. Within the session, you can still overwrite the slides placeholder with another image.

  • The sign in page has been updated and now contains the header image that can be uploaded in the event info.

  • Just like for a software update, a notification now appears when a data update is available. You can update from the notification right away.

  • Avatars in the person lists and in My conversations are now consistent.

  • Various small layout improvements in the exhibitor booth were done.

  • The icons for the social links were moved below the subtitle, so that their location is consistent with the mobile app.

  • Fixed issue: When a logos or profile picture is not square, it is now displayed whilst maintaining his aspect ratio in person or institution grid views.

  • Fixed issue: when a search in the daily programme does not return results, a placeholder is shown again.

  • Fixed issue: if you check in or out to a session, leave the detail page open, and then select another session, you are no longer checked in or out to that session too.

  • Fixed issue: untimed posters below a session now no longer have unnecessary space on the left for the time. Instead, the text is left-aligned.


  • Support for RTMP has been added. Just like you can add an uploaded video, you can add an RTMP stream on the moderator dashboard. You can select that as the active stream within your session.

  • The attendee list in virtual rooms is now optimized:

    • Attendees that have left the room are removed from it

    • The list is synced more often

    • Lazy-loading is added

  • The Report a problem button top right has been replaced with a link to the support portal. Based on the dashboard you're in, it links to the right context, for example to the moderator article when clicked from the moderator dashboard.

  • Fixed issue: in the button to enter a hosted session, the text and the number of participants is now correctly aligned.

  • Fixed issue: actions within a hosted session, such as participants muting and unmuting, no longer make the Enter virtual room button in the side panel flicker.

  • Fixed issue: when a participant leaves a hosted session, the camera light now turns off. Before, it would remain on, even though the camera was no longer used.

  • Fixed issue: when searching in the attendee list with uppercase characters, search results are returned as expected.

  • Fixed issue: on the speaker dashboard, the timer now starts at 00:00 when starting a pre-recording, instead of at 59:24.

  • Fixed issue: the moderator now sees upvotes to any Q&A questions come in right away. Before, she had to refresh once, and only after that the numbers were synced.

  • Fixed issue: when a participant of a hosted session opens a chat conversation via a notification, then clicks on a meeting request to open the appointment detail page, and then tries to close it with the cross, she is no longer kicked out of the hosted session.