Release notes 7.13

This article contains the release notes for the 7.13 release of the platform and CMS, released February 2022



  • Some unused settings have been removed from the advanced event settings.

  • Fixed issue: you can continue making releases after publishing many. You will no longer see the (incorrect) message that info text contains a pasted image.

  • Fixed issue: the web app will continue taking the latest release, also if you make many releases quickly after each other. Before, it would sometimes get stuck on an old release.

Pages & structure

  • When pasting HTML in info pages, society tiles or news messages, it is cleaned to remove unnecessary tags.

  • You can change the name and the order of the tabs that are displayed on the detail page on mobile or the side panel on the web app.

  • Fixed issue: you can paste copied text in an information page without deleting the <p> tags from the code view first or without writing a character.

  • Fixed issue: you can overwrite the page names when configuring the web app side menu.

  • Fixed issue: if you overwrite a default banner by uploading a banner in the programme item or poster, it is no longer reset to the default banner when you edit the default banner in the data structures.

  • Fixed issue: icons can be added again to navigation menus.


  • Logs are added for the community and attendee import. If there is an error in the sheet you are trying to import, such as an incomplete email address or a space, the logs indicate the line of the error.

  • You can set a background for the sign-in page on society level, and another one on event level. This background is used in the sign-in page on mobile.

Channel import

  • Fixed issue: if a person profile image or an institution logo is imported via the channel but then deleted manually or by the channel itself, the image is now removed correctly from the person or institution.

  • Fixed issue: the last run is displayed in the overview of current channels.


  • Fixed issue: when you edit an achievement, the progress and points for all users are reset to 0. Before, the progress was reset, but the points were kept.

  • Fixed issue: when deleting an expert achievement in the gamification settings, the right achievement is deleted.



  • Different texts have been added to the language strings, which means they are now editable when setting up a custom language.

  • The background color that appears when you hover your mouse over the items opening from the top menu, such as My conversations or your profile, is now consistent.

  • Just like on mobile, you can now check in to sessions on the web app. This can be enabled from the configurator on programme items and posters. If on, a new button appears that allows users to check in to the item. From the profile menu, they can then open a list of checked-in sessions, and export this list, including the total number of hours for all items together. This feature can be used for self-tracking attended sessions.

  • Fixed issue: creating an appointment with another attendee no longer generates two notifications on the invited attendee's side.

Pages and side panel layout

  • On the landing page, the happening now tile now shows more sessions on a bigger screen, instead of half the tile being empty.

  • Fixed issue: the daily programme layout has been improved: there is less overlapping and less unnecessary spacing between items.

  • Fixed issue: on the list of sessions within a room that opens from the floor plan, the date is no longer repeated for all items.


  • Fixed issue: the achievements Stubborn and Follower achievement are now triggered for all actions, instead of only the first action in a session.



  • Fixed issue: If you send an invite as moderator, speaker, or host, but then remove the invite and set the room back to non-virtual and invite a non-virtual moderator, the correct dashboard is displayed. Before, the page would remain empty.

  • Fixed issue: the attendee view of moderated sessions no longer has unnecessary space above the frames.

  • Fixed issue: The camera light goes off when leaving a session as a speaker, moderator or host.