Release notes 7.12

This article contains the release notes for the 7.12 release of the platform, released December 2021

Please note that there is no configurator release for this version. The changes needed to set up the side or top menu have been made available in 7.11.



  • The navigation of the web app has been updated. In the configurator, you can select the type of navigation you want for your app.

    • The side menu has been redesigned. It can be collapsed, so that there is more space for the app itself. In collapsed state, you can hover over the icons to see the page name.

    • The option for a menu at the top has been added. This will show the same icons as in the mobile app: 4 or 5 icons. Also here, you can hover to see the page name.

  • Whenever there’s a new version of the platform, a notification pops up. You can click in this notification to update your web app to the latest version.

  • In the dropdown that opens when you click on your name top right, you now see the number of completed achievements below Achievements, instead of the number of points.

  • Fixed issue: some untranslated strings in the sign-in, password reset, exhibitor booth and notification center are now translated.

Pages and side panel layout

  • When you have applied filters on the daily programme, a notification dot is added on the filter icon that indicates how many filters are selected.

  • The settings for the time format from the event settings are now applied to the times in the daily programme horizontal or vertical view.

  • Fixed issue: when there are more days in the daily programme than that fit horizontally, an arrow is shown so that you can scroll through all days.

  • Fixed issue: while the daily programme is loading, you no longer see the placeholder as if there were no search results.

  • Fixed issue: in the list view of the daily programme, the names of the programme items are now left-aligned.

  • Fixed issue: classifiers with long names are truncated in the side panel so that they don’t overlap the Save icon.

  • Fixed issue: when selecting a location on the floor plan that has programme items scheduled, the dates of these programme items no longer appear above every item. The last item is completely visible instead of being cut off.

Exhibitor booth

  • Fixed issue: a direct link to an exhibitor booth from the side menu, now opens the exhibitor booth instead of the side panel.

  • Fixed issue: in the exhibitor booth, the tags for the institution on the Info tab are now spaced correctly.

  • Fixed issue: clicking the email icon no longer opens a blank page.

Interactive features

  • Fixed issue: on the Vote card in the side panel, only the options that can be voted on are shown, instead of all 6.

  • Fixed issue: you will now receive points and levels for the voting-related achievements Follower, Stubborn and Pollster and for the Expert achievements.

  • Fixed issue: the toggle to accept or decline a meeting request has been updated.



  • Broadcasting ends automatically when there are no active speakers or moderators for an hour, or 4 hours after starting the broadcast.

  • While the moderator, speaker or host dashboards are loading, a spinner is shown instead of the text Loading top left of the page.

  • The chat input field now has a character limit of 250 characters and will resize along with its content.

  • Fixed issue: chat messages are always now sent when entering them from the moderator or speaker dashboard. Before, messages would sometimes disappear from the input field but not listed below the sent messages.

  • Fixed issue: when adding an image to a vote question, it is scaled properly in all dashboards.

  • Fixed issue: in the recording, a placeholder is shown when the speaker has her camera off, instead of a black screen.

  • Fixed issue: video processing has been improved to prevent some uploaded videos from being stuck in processing.

  • Fixed issue: if you disconnect headphones/microphone, the default audio source is picked up without having to reconnect,

Host dashboard

  • Fixed issue: in a hosted session, the Live tag on the slides frame is removed when the host has slides or a poster uploaded.

Moderator & speaker dashboards

  • Fixed issue: Q&A will be visible even on small screens. On screens with a height of <640px, the column width is reduced. As a result, the speaker frame takes up less height, leaving more space for the questions.

  • Fixed issue: when you click the chat tab in the moderator or speaker dashboard when there is a notification dot on it, you can now see the number of new messages in another notification dot on the attendee and speaker chat tabs.

  • Fixed issue: editing or deleting a question from the Q&A no longer triggers a notification dot on the Visible tab for other speakers and moderators.

  • Fixed issue: after starting a broadcast, the timer no longer quickly shows 59:59.

Attendee dashboard

  • Arrows are added to the voting image on the attendee dashboard, so it can be upscaled.

  • Fixed issue: while a presentation is being uploaded on the host dashboard, attendees will continue seeing the host. Before, the host would disappear for a short while.

  • Fixed issue: when opening a hosted room while you were already in that room on another tab in your browser, you are no longer kicked out.

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