Release notes 7.11

This article contains the release notes for the 7.11 release of the platform and CMS, released November 2021.



  • You can now add a parent to a poster when importing through Excel, either a programme item or another poster.

  • Just like for programme items, you can now link a virtual room to posters. You can invite moderators, speakers and hosts the way you are used to.

Pages & Structure

  • Fixed issue: in navigation pages, the advanced options for items to protect these with a login or a password has been removed. The protection was already on the page itself, and not the link to the page.

  • Fixed issue: when configuring sections in the data structures, you can no longer select Evaluation forms and Resources. These two groups were no longer in use and were causing confusion.


  • You can now enable Check-in on programme items and posters. In the mobile app, this results in a new button that allows users to check in to the item. From the profile menu, they can then open a list of checked-in sessions, and export this list, including the total number of hours for all items together. This feature can be used for self-tracking attended sessions. Support on the web app will be added in the beginning of 2022.

  • Fixed issue: when in an evaluation form there are questions that are the same but below different sections, the answers are no longer overwritten in the results export.


  • Anonymous users that only visited the event homepage without signing in, are no longer listed in the event analytics to avoid confusion.

  • Fixed issue: within the analytics pages, the Back button now brings you back to the previous page. Before, it would sometimes take you to another page.

Mobile & web

Please note that the features below are also available on mobile in version 7.10.

  • Posters that are nested below programme items or below other posters now appear correctly in both web and mobile app.

  • The email that you get when someone drops their business card has been improved.

  • Users that have their visibility in the attendee list set to Invisible, will also be hidden from the gamification leaderboard.

  • You can customize the names of the tabs in the side panel (Info, Resources, etc.)


Pages and side panel layout

  • On speaker grid lists, the subtitle is now displayed on two lines if the person's name is just one line.

  • You can customize the message that is shown when users don’t have access to a certain tab through the language strings.

  • Programme item titles in the side panel, for example presentations below sessions, are now truncated to two lines instead of one line.

  • Fixed issue: the list view of the daily programme now shows the list chronologically, instead of being ordered by classifier.

  • Fixed issue: the daily programme layout has been improved to have less empty spaces and overlapping sessions.

  • Fixed issue: when a list does not have items yet, you no longer see a fully blank page but a page with an empty list instead.

  • Fixed issue: going back from an exhibitor list now takes you to the correct list. Before, it would take you to another list in some cases.

  • Fixed issue: when a room cannot be accessed because it is for example closed, the button now reflects that more clearly.

Interactive features

  • My conversations were updated to open as a panel from the top right, instead of a new page. This means you will no longer have to leave the virtual room or any of the other pages you’re viewing when you want to view or reply to a conversation.

  • Notifications are sent to the notification center for all actions, such as contact requests, chat messages, or meeting requests. Before, some notifications were missing.

  • On a user profile page, the job title and company are now shown on two lines instead of one line with an @ between them.

  • Fixed issue: the side panel for meetings was updated to match the new side panel style as implemented in the 7.10 release.

  • Fixed issue: evaluation forms now work as expected.


  • Fixed issue: the background image behind the sign in page is no longer stretched, but instead maintains its ratio and is cropped when needed

  • Fixed issue: the modal that is shown when you first open a web app to choose the timezone, now clearly asks you to choose between event timezone and local timezone.

  • Fixed issue: rewards for gamification now work as expected.



  • The video streams from slides, cameras and uploaded videos are now optimized, so that they use the minimal bandwidth while still looking good.

  • Videos are processed and compressed after being uploaded on the platform. This should reduce the number of issues where videos aren't playing. Videos no longer have to be compressed manually. Compression however takes time, about half the duration of the video. If many people are uploading or interacting with the platform, it might even take longer.

  • The title bar now shows the title next to the start and end time. The event icon is no longer displayed and the Report a problem icon style has been updated.

  • In the attendee list, you can now search for name, job title or company. The job title and company are also shown as subtitle.

  • Fixed issue: muting and unmuting no longer affects the audio quality

  • Fixed issue: if in an uploaded video both frames have audio, they can both be heard when playing the video.

Host dashboard

  • The host dashboard has been redesigned so that the available space is used more effectively; for example by showing the participants larger when there are no slides or a poster.

  • You can upload a PDF from the bottom toolbar instead of from within the slides frame.

  • Zoom controls for posters are updated.

Moderator dashboard

  • Moderators can now enlarge the slides frame of speakers, so that they can better read the slides

  • On the attendee list on the moderator dashboard, there is a special tab for blocked users. They can easily be unblocked from there. The session setting to display them between the other attendees is no longer needed so it is removed.

  • A confirmation message was added when you try to delete an uploaded video or pre-recording from the moderator dashboard, to prevent you from unintentionally deleting it.

  • Fixed issue: company names and job title of speakers and moderators are now truncated, so that they don’t fall out of the designated box.

  • Fixed issue: when deleting a question from Q&A, the modal now asks you if you want to delete a question, instead of a recording.

Speaker dashboard

  • The voting feature has been redesigned completely:

    • The modal to add a question has been updated. Additionally, you can now add an image to the question.

    • Setting a timer has been changed.

    • The way the results are shown to live attendees, and are embedded in the recordings, is clearer.

  • Q&A is also available for speakers: they can see all incoming questions and make them visible or invisible

  • Fixed issue: if you delete a video on the pre-record tab, you will no longer be dragged to the Present live tab, where you will hear others and be heard.

  • Fixed issue: PDF slides that are uploaded are now fit to full width for all sizes and resolutions.

  • Fixed issue: the button to upload a video is now also visible on small screens. You can scroll within the section if needed.