Release notes 7.0-7.9

This article contains the release notes for the 7.0 up to 7.9 releases of the platform and CMS.

Version 7.9 (August 2021)



  • The format of email addresses of users added to the attendee list or community, or invited as speaker, moderator or host, is verified for correctness.

  • When viewing a user in the community or the attendee list, you can see the status of the emails sent to this user in the last 5 days with the button below the History table. This can for example be used to check if the user received a moderator invite for a virtual session or a verification email.


  • Unknown users on the tab ´Users´ are now named ´Anonymous´ with a number, instead of ´Unknown user´, to reflect that each of these is an individual user.

  • Banner analytics are now separated from Carousel analytics. The Banner analytics can be found on the Feed tab.

  • Fixed issue: The ´New users´ counter on the analytics page is renamed to ´Not signed-in users´, as this reflects the number of anonymous users.

  • Fixed issue: The numbers of page views in the dashboard now match those in the export and show the total number of pages. Before, the export showed the number of individual pages viewed.

  • Fixed issue: The livestream minutes of a user are now also shown on the dashboard of that user.

  • Fixed issue: Users with no activity in the selected period are no longer included in the export.

  • Fixed issue: The total number of app installations in the society analytics is now correct. Web users are no longer included here.


  • You can link persons from your event data to users from your community by adding the email address to the person in the data. If the user is not yet in your community, you will also have to fill in a first and last name. When clicking on a person in the mobile app and web app, for example in the speaker list, the profile that the user itself created will then be shown, instead of the profile from the data. Other users can then send him or her a contact request, appointment request, or chat message.


  • A locale was added to the date and time settings on app level. This locale is used to format the month and day names on the society news.

  • Fixed issue: You can now add a custom language based on French or Dutch.


  • The performance of the mobile app has been improved: it uses less storage and less memory.

  • You can highlight exhibitors in the exhibitor booth that is now also available on the mobile app. The booth has different tabs: Info for company info, Schedule for linked sessions, Resources for links to websites and document, and Contact to display the contact information of the exhibitor and an option for the attendees to leave their contact details.

  • You can find all your notifications back in the notification center. This is useful in case you turned off push notifications on your phone, and still want to see all new messages and contact requests.

  • A new flow for signing in was implemented on mobile, matching that of the web app. You can upload your event artwork to appear behind the input areas.

  • Cropping images, for example for the profile picture, is now easier.

  • When creating a new account, the password requirements are now shown before entering a password.

  • On a user profile, when the user has filled in an address, you can now open the address on a maps app on your device.

  • Comments on the social wall can now be reported. Your own comments can be deleted.

  • You can select the timezone in which you want to view the programme on the mobile app: the event timezone, or your local timezone. The daily schedule is adjusted to your selection.

  • An icon indicating that a user is your contact is shown when you view a user profile of one of your contacts.


  • You can now view a list of all your contacts from the profile menu top right. You can send a contact request to another attendee by clicking Connect on their personal profile.

  • Just like on the mobile app, reminders are sent for sessions that are added to your favorites. They will be sent as desktop notifications if you’ve allowed those, and will appear in your notification center.

  • When creating a new account, the password requirements are now shown before entering a password.

  • After signing in, users will see a popup whether they want to appear in the attendee list or whether other users will be able to send them a message or create a meeting.

  • Fixed issue: Sponsor logos that are deleted from the configurator, are also deleted from the web app.

  • When you sign out of the web app and sign in with another account, the analytics samples created on that device are no longer linked to the new user. They remain linked to the initial user, and a new set is started when you sign in.

  • Fixed issue: The list of participants in an industry chat conversation can now be scrolled all the way to the bottom. Participants are sorted by their last name.

  • Fixed issue: The formatting of the company info in the exhibitor booth is now correct.

  • Fixed issue: The time set for the banners on the news feed is now following the value set in the configurator. Before, it was always 3 seconds.


  • Speakers can upload their own pre-recording or video made on another platform from their speaker dashboard. It will be available for the moderator to play during the session, and for the conference organizer to link to as on-demand video.

  • Fixed issue: On the moderator dashboard, speakers are now only selected when clicking the green button. Before, clicking anywhere on the entire row would select them.

  • Fixed issue: The online/offline status of all speakers is now correctly reflected in the moderator dashboard. Before, speakers and moderators would sometimes appear offline while they weren't.

  • Fixed issue: On the speaker dashboard, in the audience view of the session, a shared screen is no longer stretched.

  • Fixed issue: If you join a hosted session when your computer does not have a camera, everything works as expected. Before, you would not hear or see the other participants.

  • Fixed issue: If you leave a hosted session and come back, you no longer get the message that your ID is already in the room or a blank screen. You will be able to rejoin as expected.

  • Fixed issue: Slides that are not in the 16:9 format, are no longer cut off in the slides frame on the attendee dashboard.

  • Fixed issue: In 1-on-1 meetings where both users are on the web app, the microphone icon now correctly updates when user mutes/unmutes.

  • Fixed issue: The attendee list now loads more attendees as expected. Before, it would not load when you went to another tab, and then came back.

  • Fixed issue: When speakers or moderators quickly turn their camera on and off while the session is in Panel discussion, their latest status is now correctly reflected on the attendee dashboard. Before, their status on their own dashboard could be off, while they were still visible for attendees.

Version 7.8.5 (June 2021)


Chat improvements

  • The chat within the exhibitor booth shows the correct participants

  • Switching between group chats improved usability


  • Bug fixes


  • Drop business card functionality improved in the exhibitor booth

  • Scrolling on daily schedule improved when filters are opened


  • Online/Offline status of speakers fixed

Version 7.8 (April 2021)



  • The analytics of not logged in users are gathered (with the name of “Anonymous” and a running number)

  • The graphs show now the total number of views, not the number of individual sessions/institutions/etc. viewed

  • Clicking the objects directly from the list next to the graph shows the detail page

  • Analytics of virtual sessions: The graph shows the number of minutes viewed now instead of the number of sessions

  • In the report export the creation date is converted to UTC time

Attendee list

  • It is now visible on the attendee list if a user uses the app or not in the “not installed” column. (This is applicable if the client uses their own invitations)

  • It is possible to send invites to 1000 users. Previously this was set to 100.

Version 7.7 (February 2021)



  • A new translation system has been released. Default translations are no longer maintained in the source code, but in, allowing more flexibility in changing them.


  • Bulk deletion of users is now possible.

  • Event administrators can now verify a user, in case this user has issues doing this himself through the confirmation email.


  • For each active user, you can now see which institutions and sessions he viewed.

Version 7.6 (December 2020)



  • The performance of the configurator has been improved: it responds faster and crashes less.


  • Russian is now available as App Language.

  • The translations for Spanish have been improved.

  • You can add a custom sign-in background to the web and mobile app in Settings on the tab Layout. This tab was renamed from Colors, which can still be found here.

App building

  • In the Test step, you can now see whether screenshots were generated in the last build and you can preview them.

  • If you tick the box to create screenshots for submission, you can now choose from which event to take them from.

  • The Build date now shows the date on which the build was last submitted, instead of the date on which it was started.

  • New fields, such as the welcome screen icon and color, are now reflected in the build properties, while fields that are no longer used are removed.

  • The link to the artwork guidelines link is updated to the guidelines of the new app, instead of the legacy app.

  • Fixed issue: When building an app that hasn't been built before, you no longer have to add the certificates twice.

  • Fixed issue: When building a new app, the link to the artwork guidelines now points to the right support article. Before, it was linking to the guidelines for the legacy app.


  • Event administrators can now verify a user, in case this user has issues doing this himself through the confirmation email.

  • In email address verification and password reset emails, the Organization name from the app settings is used, instead of the app name.

  • Fixed issue: Profile pictures and background images are no longer deleted when saving a user's profile from the configurator.

  • Fixed issue: The tickbox 'Create another' when manually creating users now works as expected. Before, it would work only once.

  • Fixed issue: Short email addresses are now accepted when manually adding attendees.

  • Fixed issue: Event admins can now import and export attendees. Before, they did not have the rights to do so.

News and targeted messages

  • News and targeted messages now have the option to preview them before sending.

  • A Cancel button was added on news messages and target messages.

  • A Clear button was added to clear the search on the View receivers screen for a targeted message.

  • Fixed issue: Editing a news message and changing the status of the push notification checkbox when the message has not yet been sent, now works as expected. Before, editing the tickbox would not be reflected on OneSignal. Messages would still be sent if the box was unticked on the Edit page, or not sent even though it was ticked.

  • Fixed issue: If a news message was sent as ‘Now’, you now see the actual time when it was sent when you edit the message (instead of seeing Now).

  • Fixed issue: If you tick the Push notification checkbox, choose Select a date in step 2, change the date/time and then try to set it back to Now, you no longer receive the warning about push messages in the past.

  • Fixed issue: You can no longer continue to the next step if you haven’t entered body text.

  • Fixed issue: Search in the receivers list is no longer case-sensitive.

  • Fixed issue: A ‘Clear’ button was added to the search in the receivers list. Without this button, it was not possible to go back to the full overview.

Virtual & Interactivity

  • A limit of 15 was added to the number of moderator, speaker or host invites you can send per session. The button becomes disabled if the maximum is reached. Please note that the invitation limit for hosted session is still 1.

  • A loader was added when downloading a recording.

  • Fixed issue: In the industry list, the dropdown for no representatives added now works as expected.


  • Info pages now have an option to preview them before sending.

  • A message asking you whether you want to Save or Discard you changes is displayed when making changes on Web App page.

  • For navigation pages, you can now also select the library icons besides your own custom icons.

  • In the web app, you can now add a direct link to an object from a side menu item.


  • The tool with which you can select a part of the recording to use has been improved.

  • The buttons to select a recording in the session are rearranged. There is no Edit button anymore. Delete won't send the video to the bin, but only allow for another upload.

  • Preview button was added on sessions.


  • The new analytics dashboard has been launched.

Version 7.5 (October 2020)


Selection screen

  • New settings are added for the date and time formatting of society news. You can find these settings below App settings, Date & Time.

  • The Contact link button right now opens an email to the support email address, instead of a contact form.


  • The large tile image is now added above the side menu. This way you can easily see which event you're working on while in it.


  • Fixed issue: For the legacy layout, the home button option menu no longer opens behind the other buttons.

  • Fixed issue: Person lists and daily programme pages can no longer be deleted from the Pages list in Lite events. Since it is not possible to add them for a Lite event, they were gone forever after being deleted.

Virtual & Interactivity

  • Templates that are sent to company representatives, can now be configured. You can change the text, and optionally include links to the App Store, Play Store or to the web app. You can find the template in Event Settings, on the Emails tab. The templates and settings for attendee invites have also moved here.

  • Recordings can now be downloaded from the configurator. You can find them on the Virtual & Interactivity page, Sessions tab. Find the session you want to download the recordings of in the list and click to open its details. Below the invites, you can find the files to download: all linked pre-recordings (if any) and the session recording.

  • Fixed issue: Pre-recording names no longer contain only a file ID and start date and time, but also the presenter name.


  • You can manually verify users through the community list if you know they have access to the email address they provided, but for some reason can't verify their own address. Find the user in the list, open their profile and click 'Manually verify'.

  • Fixed issue: After adding a group to a user from his or her profile, the group dropdown closes. This way it no longer overlaps with the buttons in case the list of groups is long.


  • The Name in URL field for the web app has been removed from the Event settings, Advanced tab, as this field is no longer used.

Version 7.4 (October 2020)


App building

  • For single-event apps, you can now select the data version to include in the build. This version will be directly available to users when they install the app. If any versions were published after that, users can update to it if they have an active internet connection.

  • In the Submit step, you can tick a checkbox whether you want to create the screenshots for submission. Please note that this delays the build, so if you're only using the build to test the app, don't create the screenshots.


  • You can now restrict info tiles on the selection screen to users that are signed in, or users in your community that are part of a certain group. While creating the tile, select the desired option below 'Page can be accessed by'. Users that are not signed in or part of this group, will not be able to view the tile.

  • Within an event, you can also restrict access for the following page types: daily programme, list, info page and navigation page. The same options as for info tiles are available (signed in users or a certain group), but you can also choose password protection here. In case of the latter, the page is 'unlocked' when the user enters the password. When viewing the page a second time, it is not needed to enter it again.

  • The status 'New' has been added to the filters above the list of Attendees. This lists all users that don't have a status yet. This way you can easily see which users you have added, but not yet invited.

Virtual & Interactivity

  • Below Virtual & Interactivity, Representatives, you can now add representatives to any company. The invited user will receive an email that they have become a representative for this company. On the company page, all representatives appear below the session info after you've made a release. From there, attendees can start a chat conversation with them, for example if they have questions about the company.


  • For list pages of institutions or persons, you can now choose a grid layout. This will show the institutions or persons in a grid of tiles, with larger images. For persons, the tiles all have the same size, and show the profile picture with the name and subtitle below it. For institutions, you can specify the tile size (normal or large) in the Data. If you use a large tile, you need to upload an additional image.

News messages

  • Fixed issue: Scheduling messages in the future now works as expected. Before, the modal would take you back a step if you would first change the time resulting in the message being in the past.

  • Fixed issue: The Save button of messages that were sent in the past is no longer disabled, so they can be edited.

  • Fixed issue: Deleted and expired messages are no longer visible in the app.

  • Fixed issue: App messages no longer show up in the event feed. This happened in some cases.


  • On Pages, tab Web app, you can now set up a landing page for your web app. You can choose to include your news feed on the right of the page, or not to include it at all. Besides that, you can add a video widget, for example to display a live stream and an upcoming sessions widget, linking to any Happening now page. Furthermore, you can add as many menu tiles as you want, that link to other pages in your web app. For these menu tiles, you can upload an image, or select an icon, label and background color.

  • The social wall and attendee list can now be linked to from the side menu. Just select these pages below the group Networking pages.

Version 7.3 (September 2020)


App building

  • You can now build single-event apps from App building.

Virtual & Interactivity

  • You can now delete invites from the Session table on the Virtual & Interactivity page. Deleted users will no longer be able to access that session on Eureka.

Version 7.2 (August 2020)


App building

  • Fixed issue: The welcome screen logo is now remembered when you start a new build after completing one.

Virtual & Interactivity

  • Links to virtual rooms or recordings can be added to program items. A button is then added to the program item detail page, linking either to our virtual platform, or an external URL.

  • The table below Virtual & Interactivity, tab Sessions, has been updated. You can now see in the table whether an item has invites, and then click the item to see the email addresses. From there, you can set the room type for our virtual event platform and invite moderators, speakers and hosts.


  • Fixed issue: when clicking the trash icon to delete a sponsor banner on the home page, the selected banner is deleted instead of the last one.

Version 7.1 (July 2020)



  • French was added as a default language, both in app building as in the event strings.


  • Fixed issue: The Download Template button from the modal Attendees > Import now works as expected.

App building

  • If you're building the new app, you have to add a separate logo for Android. Since the logo is cropped in a different way than for iOS, using the same icon no longer sufficed. Consult the artwork guidelines for specifications.

Pages & Structure

  • On the daily programme page, you can choose different options to group the daily programme table view. Instead of the default 'By place', you can also choose 'By classifier'. This way you can group the programme for example by topic or by session type. Another option is to not group the sessions at all; then they will all be shown in one table without headers. This setting is used for the web app and the table layout in the mobile app.

  • A new option has been added to show the info as a preview or a button in the app. You can choose the icon and the text on the button.

News messages

  • The layout of the messages page has changed. There are no longer separate tabs for sent and scheduled messages, but all of them are in the same table, with a checkmark indicatiing whether the message has been sent. The flow for sending a news message is now a two-step wizard, where you can add the subject and message in the first step, and the date and time in the second step.

  • A new tab has been added to send targeted messages. This works similarly to news messages, but it's not sent to everyone that installed the app or event, but to the group or country you select in advance. An extra step is added to the wizard to select those users.


  • You can now set the News feed as page in a web app. On Pages > Web app, add an item, and select Feed as a link.

  • If you want to create a public version of your web app that does not have the option to sign in or favorite items, you can create a so-called Kiosk web app. Just set up the web app like you're used to, and contact us to deploy this kiosk app.

Version 7.0 (April 2020)


Selection screen

  • In the selection screen colors, the color 'Install/Open button on event info page' has been renamed to 'Contrast color', as it is used for more elements in the new app.

  • You can set a unique event name for your event in the tile info. This name is used to compose the web app URL.


  • Invites to attendees can now be sent from the configurator. First upload your attendee list with their first name, last name and email address within the event. Create a template of the invite email, upload your artwork and choose an accent color. Select the users in the list, and send them a personalized invite with links to the App Store and Play Store. In the table and on the detail page of an attendee, you can see which users installed your event. You can send the users that haven't installed your event yet a reminder.

  • A second group dropdown is added in the filters above the community and attendee list. This way you can filter on users that belong to both groups.

Sign in

  • In case your configurator is connected to an external authentication system, these settings can now be fetched through the app settings. They are also used in app building, so you no longer have to fill them in manually in the custom configurations.

  • When you use email login in your new app, you can now customize the confirmation and reset password emails through the app settings. Choose a header image, sender name and background color that matches your app artwork for a consistent user experience.

App building

  • If your configurator is set to build as a new app, you can now do so from the configurator. Just follow the same steps in App building.

  • To support the new guidelines for Apple, you can now choose a welcome screen logo and welcome screen background color. These are combined in the screen that is shown while the app loads.

New app

  • Through the Advanced event settings, you can choose whether you want your event to have the new layout with bottom navigation, or the legacy one buttons.

  • In case of a modern layout, you can now set up the feed page from Pages > Home. You can choose a background color and image, and set up the buttons and links for the bottom navigation bar. Furthermore, you can add one or multiple sponsor banners that will appear above the news messages.


  • Fixed issue: You can now save Highlighted for posters.



  • Instead of downloading the programme data before opening the web app, the web app now fetches the data at the moment you open a page. As a result, it loads instantly.

  • When your app is connected to an external authentication system, your users can now also log in with this in the web app. This way they can sync their favorites between the app and the web app. The same connection settings as for the mobile app, as saved in App settings, are used.


  • The sponsor page is now supported. You can just link to the page you created for your app when setting up the side menu of the web app.