Release notes 6.0-6.4

This article contains the release notes for the 6.0 up to 6.4 releases of the platform and CMS.

Version 6.4 (February 2020)



  • The first features related to app community support have been added to the configurator. These features include the following:

  • On society level, a new menu item Community has been added. In this list, you can see all users that signed in to your app. On event level, you can see below Attendees all users that installed that event.

    1. For each user, you can see their details when you click him or her in the table. You can edit these - but as this is data users have entered, it is not advisable to do so. You can also see their status and which events they have installed.

    2. You can see which users have been reported, and you can block them from the community list. When doing so, they will be signed out of the app, and will not be able to sign in anymore.

    3. Please note that the install date of events is not always accurate, as for apps that don't support this feature yet, the date is not registered. It is therefore set to the date the account was created.

    4. You can already add people to the community and the attendee list from the CMS, and put them in different groups. In the coming months, more features will be released that make use of this: for example sending invites to install the app, or restrict access to pages or messages based on groups.

Version 6.3.2 (February 2020)


Sign in

  • The option to sign in with Google has been removed from the version for iOS.

Version 6.3.1 (February 2020)


Scheduled jobs

  • Fixed issue: Scheduled jobs are now running as expected. Before, jobs would sometimes not run.


  • Fixed issue: Views per user and % of users is no longer always 0, as found in version 6.3.



  • The screen where you can check your profile and settings is now also shown when you create an account from a feature for which sign-in is requested, such as the attendee list or session chat.

Version 6.3 (December 2019)



  • Fixed issue: When adding a news message with push notification, then editing it and unticking push notification box, the notification is no longer sent. Before, it wasn't canceled and still sent.

  • Fixed issue: The maximum number of characters for the message title and the warning message when exceeding it, is updated to reflect its visibility in the app. Before, the number was based on the number of characters that are allowed for push notifications. However, when using this number of characters, the title wasn't fully displayed in the app.


  • The text for the total number of unique users in the selected period is updated in the Excel export, so that it's consistent with the dashboard.

  • Fixed issue: Event analytics are no longer shown in the society analytics.


  • Webpages are renamed to Information pages.

  • The Advanced editor has been removed, as it's no longer used.

Lite events

  • Fixed issue: When adding a subtitle to a session in a Lite event and then removing it again from the table view, it is correctly removed from both the detail page and the list page.


  • Fixed issue: Special characters in images are now encoded. Before, images with non-encoded characters would cause certain versions of the app to crash.



  • Fixed issue: When opening the app in another timezone than that of the event, the right tab opens when the event is ongoing.


  • Fixed issue: On Android, the first image is no longer shown again after the carousel ends.

Version 6.2.6 (October 2019)



  • Fixed issue: the intro page no longer has a white bar at the bottom.

Version 6.2.5 (October 2019)



  • The message why the app needs your camera permission has been updated to be more specific.

Version 6.2.4 (September 2019)


Selection screen

  • Tiles that link to a URL can now be protected to be accessed only when signed in. To do so, add ?authType=login_only to the URL.


  • The placeholder strings when no company, job title or country has been specified, can now be set in the language strings. Before, they were the same as the title.


Attendee list

  • If you search for a country in the attendee list, all users that have set that country in their profile are now also returned.

Version 6.2.3 (September 2019)



  • Fixed issue: Apps now open on Android 10. Before, they were hanging on the welcome screen.

Version 6.2.2 (September 2019)



  • External logins that don't use their own oAuth page, but a page created by Conference Compass, can now contain links to the buttons Forgot password and Create account. The button taxts and links can be specified in the external login options when building the app.

Version 6.2.1 (August 2019)



  • Fixed issue: The cumulative number of event installations in the graph now matches the number shown above it. Before, the number in the graph was incorrect.


  • You can now choose Spanish as a language for the app.



  • All links to PDF's on Android now open with the default app the user selected to open them.


  • Search is now acccent-insensistive: if you search for 'nuria', 'Núria' is returned as well.

Version 6.2 (July 2019)



  • The default icons in the library have been updated. The new icons can be seen when creating a new event with the default template.

User management

  • Fixed issue: people with the role 'Event admin' can now import and export Excel files.

Selection screen

  • The tab Publishing is now hidden from the App settings. This tab was not used and was causing issues in sending push notifications when the settings on it were changed.

App building

  • Fixed issue: The language when building a new version of the app is no longer reset to EN-UK, but remains in the language it was set in, including modified strings.

News messages

  • Clicking in the Add message modal and releasing outside of it, for example when selecting text, no longer closes the modal.


  • A new tab Links has been added to the analytics. This section lists all links starting with http://, https:// and mailto://, for example from home menu buttons, navigation pages or sections. These are no longer displayed in the Pages tab. Please note that the links to evaluation forms are no longer in the analytics, as they can be found below the evaluation form results.

  • In the Advanced settings, you can now enable 'Prepare analytics data'. This prepares the analytics data in the nights, so that reports can be generated more quickly.

  • Fixed issue: The number of views of the first carousel image in the analytics for Ads pages is now correct. Before, it was counted twice when multiple images in a slideshow were used and the user closed the carousel.

  • Fixed issue: When a user closes a carousel, it is now listed below the 'Closed' column of the image it is closed on in the analytics. Before, it was listed below the first image.

  • Fixed issue: If you select Show items with highest 'Number of rates' or 'Average rating', the items that are shown are now those with the highest number of rates or average rating instead of alphabetically sorted.

  • Fixed issue: The Rates column in the dashboard and the export now contain the same numbers. Before, the dashboard showed the number of rates and the export the total number of stars.

  • Fixed issue: Ordering results with column Rates in any table now works as expected.

  • Fixed issue: Column headers of 'Average rate' in the dashboard and the export are now consistent.

One-time import

  • Institution roles are now exported and can be imported with the Excel-import.

  • Fixed issue: The logs of the one-time import now correctly show the line on which the error occured.


  • When creating an information page with an image, you can turn on 'Enable zoom' in the Advanced settings of the page. This allows users in the Android app to zoom in on the image (on iOS this always works). This is for example useful for Programme at a Glance images.

  • Fixed issue: The button to open the web app in Pages > Web app and the 'readable' URL on the Advanced settings page, now open the correct URL.


  • Fixed issue: Scheduling jobs for configurators that are running on multiple machines, now works as expected. Before, jobs were sometimes not running because they were interfering with each other.


  • Eureka presentation screen

  • The presentation screen now opens in a tab when clicking the button in the side panel.

    1. The timer, if used, has moved to the top right of the presentation screen.

    2. Fixed issue: The presentation branding is now applied correctly to all presentations.

    3. Fixed issue: The 'back to top' arrow on the presentation screen has been removed.

    4. Fixed issue: A space has been added between the person and the time.

  • When stopping the timer manually, it is now reset to the original value, so that you don't have to do that manually.

  • Fixed issue: Session moderators no longer disappear from the list in Interactivity > Session moderators after running a channel.



  • The error messages when something goes wrong when installing an event have been improved.


  • Links in info pages, both to website and to emails, are now underlined automatically, also when this isn't specified in the HTML of the page.

  • In sections, you can now also set links to open in the external browser. To do so, add ?openlinkType=external to the URL.

  • Fixed issue: The title of a web page that is linked to an external website, is no longer between quotes on Android.

  • Fixed issue: When favouriting, unfavouriting and favouriting an item again, or when editing an appointment, you will no longer receive the notification that it's about to start twice.

News messages

  • When clicking a push notification of a news messages that is sent in an event, the event is no longer immediately opened. Instead, a modal opens, where you can view the full message content, and click a button to open the event.

  • Fixed issue: The number of news messages shown on the selection screen tile is now correct. Before, the number was not updated when a new message was sent.

My Congress

  • The message when favoriting an item on a time where another item has already been favorited, has been improved.

  • When favoriting a presentation in a session that you've already favorited, the conflict message is no longer shown.

  • The bookmark icon is now shown for all items in My Programme. Please note that when you click it to unfavorite an item, the item remains visible until you close the page and open it again.

  • Fixed issue: The page title of the My Programme page is now the same as the title in the side menu, instead of always being My Programme.

Version 6.1 (April 2019)


User management

  • Fixed issue: App admins can now add PDF's.

  • Fixed issue: App admins can now see and run channels after adding them.

Lite events

  • The daily programme page and person list can now be renamed through Pages & Structure.

News messages

  • You can now set an expiration date and time to a news message. After this date and time, the message is no longer visible in the app.

App building

  • You can have an ampersand (&) character in the app name by adding a property to the custom configuration: '' with the type 'String'. The value for this property can contain the ampersand. Please note that adding the ampersand below 'App name on device' will not work.



  • Fixed issue: Background images are no longer stretched on iPhone XR.

  • Fixed issue: Side menu strings are taking over capitalisation as specified in the strings, instead of lowercasing all characters except the first.

  • Fixed issue: The strings in the About this app page are now translated to the set language.

Selection screen

  • Tiles that link to a URL can now be set to open in the external browser. To do so, add ?openlinkType=external to the URL.


  • Links now support sending emails. In the configurator, add 'mailto' and a valid email address in the link URL. When the link is clicked in the app, the user's default email app opens a new email, with the address, a subject and a message already filled in. These texts can be configured in the event's language settings.

  • Fixed issue: The daily programme page now opens on the correct tab when the device is in another timezone than the event. Before, it would open on the next day.

  • Fixed issue: Carousel pages that are used in tabs, now keep their display time, even after switching between the different tabs on the page.

  • Fixed issue: When you add a custom background image to person profiles, it is shown correctly for every profile in the app. Before, it would sometimes show the default image.

Interactive features

  • Eureka dashboard improvements

  • The home page now contains a nice illustration.

    1. Presentation screens can now be branded with a side bar with a color and logo. You can set these options through the button 'Presentation branding' on the session overview.

    2. The text in the presentation screen is responsive. The text size adjusts to the length and the available screen size, so that all options are always visible, even if there are many or they contain a lot of text.

    3. The button to turn Vote and Ask on and off is updated to more clearly reflect its status.

    4. The timer has changed: you now have switch it on when you want to use it. Changing the time is done in steps of 5 seconds. Starting the voting is done with this same button as when you don't use the timer.

    5. In the presentation options, you can choose to display your results in a bar chart or pie chart.

  • Evaluation form improvements

  • You can now set the text of the Submit button and the confirmation message in the form.

    1. When you group questions, the background colour of the header text is the primary colour instead of black.

    2. The font size of the header text of grouped questions is no 20px instead of 24px.

    3. Special Unicode characters are now showing correctly in the form in the app.

  • Fixed issue: Messages that are deleted by a moderator are now completely removed from the app. Before, the text 'Message removed' would appear in place of the message.

  • Fixed issue: When sharing your programme, the export now uses the correct timeframes.

  • Fixed issue: When networking is disabled in an event, the profile fields related to it, like Job title or Bio, are no longer visible in the user's profile.

  • Fixed issue: The appointment details screen now uses the contrast colour instead of the default colour.



  • You can now link navigation pages to objects.

  • Fixed issue: Ordering names are now used for the sorting in the detail page of children of a program item and related sessions of a classifier.

  • Fixed issue: When applying a role filter to a list, the list is now filtered correctly. Before, the filter wasn't applied.

  • Fixed issue: Posters that have now parent now correctly show the detail page. Before, the page would remain empty.

Version 6.0 (January 2019)



  • There are now four roles for users of the configurator: superadmin, app admin, event admin and event editor. Each of these have different rights:

  • Superadmins have all rights.

    1. App admins cannot add new tiles and new superadmin users, but have all other rights.

    2. Event admins only have all rights in one event.

    3. Event editors have limited rights in one event: they can’t change the data structure, run channels, edit advanced settings or make a release.

  • Fixed issue: when building a new version of the App, the language is no longer reset to English UK.


  • The analytics have been improved:

  • They open much faster.

    1. The period selector can now be found at the top of the page instead of at the left.

    2. The style of the tables is updated. Sorting the data within the table sorts all data, not only the items visible on that page.

    3. New data is added for the number of unique users.

    4. Android devices are now split up between tablets and phones.

    5. If you're using different intro pages, you can see for each page how many times it has been viewed. The name refers to the name it has been given in Pages.

    6. The popular items page has been updated. You can now choose to see the the 100 items with the highest number of views, number of times favorited, number of rates, average rating, number of notes, or number of info page views. You can also look for the analytics of a specific item (session, person, etc) by making a search.

    7. On the Search queries page, leading and trailing spaces are removed and all characters are converted to lowercase. For example ‘Johnson’, ‘johnson’ and ‘Johnson ‘ will all be grouped in the same keyword.

Selection screen

  • When editing the tile settings, you can see in the title whether you’re modifying an Event or a Lite Event.

  • In the Colors modal, the color name 'Action bar button' is changed to 'Install/Open button on event info page'.

  • Fixed issue: After saving a tile for the first time, it’s no longer possible to click the Save button multiple times while the page loads thereby accidentally creating duplicates.


  • When making changes without saving on Pages and Data structures tab, you will be asked if you want to save your changes or discard them.

  • Fixed issue: Home menu buttons now also take on the background colour when they don’t have a label.

  • Fixed issue: Icons in the toolbar of the WYSIWYG editor are now all the same size across all browsers.


  • Import/Export improvements:

  • When filtering the data in the table and making an export, only the filtered data is exported. This way you can easily update only a part of your data, without having to import everything again.

    1. You can now use the Institution ID instead to link a place to an exhibitor. This ID is also in the sheet when creating an export of the Places.

    2. Fixed issue: When the sheet you try to import contains columns without a header that are considered as data, they are ignored. Before they would generate an error.

    3. Fixed issue: When exporting the data from a Lite Event, the column Locked is no longer in the export.

    4. Fixed issue: The column headers of roles in the export now contain the role ID’s instead of their names. Be careful to check the headers when importing a file that was exported in another version than 6.0.

    5. Fixed issue: Spaces before and after values in a cell are ignored.

  • If you want to attach a PDF to an item, for example a poster, you can now upload it directly in the configurator. Before, you had to upload it somewhere else and copy the URL in the Links section.

  • After editing an item in a detail page, saving and returning to the data table, the table now always shows the most up-to-date data, and immediately reflects all changes made to the data as well as changes to the nesting of items.

  • You can link all banners (programme items, institutions) now not only to external URLS, but also to pages within the app by adding an internal links, such as cc://about_this_app.

  • Pinning places on the floor plan is now optional: the release is no longer blocked if not all places have been pinned. In the app, nothing will happen when clicking a place for which no location has been set.

  • Fixed issue: Searching in the data table has been improved and no longer taker takes the pagination into account, but searches all possible items instead.

  • Fixed issue: After adding a custom icon in the icon modal, it is directly selected.

  • Fixed issue: When deleting a subtitle in a Lite Event, it is deleted from both the detail page and the list. Before, it was not deleted from the detail page.


  • Evaluation form improvements:

  • You can now choose the option drop-down list besides one answer, multiple answers and text input. This is useful when there are a lot of options your user can choose from, such as Poster voting, but you don’t want all of them to be visible in the form.

    1. The options of the questions can be imported by pasting them from another document.

    2. Fixed issue: the order of the options in the evaluation form is no longer changed when moving one of them.

  • It is now possible to delete messages from chat conversations when you’re assigned as a moderator. Please note that messages have to be reported in order to appear on the dashboard. This can be done through the app.

  • Topical chat moderators can be added in the topical chat tile in the configurator, and will receive an invitation by email. Moderation is done in the Eureka dashboard, in the Organisation page.

    1. Session chat moderators can be added in the same way as the social wall moderators, on the Interactivity page in the Social wall & Session chat moderators tab. Moderation is done in the Eureka dashboard.

  • The Eureka dashboard has been improved:

  • On the home page, you can find shortcuts to your moderated sessions and events.

    1. In the side menu, moderation options are now grouped by event and society. The topical chat moderation can found in the society page, and the Interactive Sessions features (Vote & Ask) as well as the Social Wall & Session Chat moderation can be found in the event page.

    2. Sessions are now grouped by day and sorted by time within these days.

    3. You can update your account details, such as your photo, biography, contact information or social media links through the ‘My account’ section from the side menu.

    4. The presentation options, such as to show or hide the timer or the poll results, can now be found below a button that opens a section on the right. In this section you can also see a preview of the page and copy the URL to use when setting up your presentation.



  • A page ‘About this app’ containing version information can now be found in the sidebar of the app. It shows:

  • App version number, as found in the App Store and Google Play store. On iOS, you can see if there is a new version of the app available in the App Store and if this update is required. On Android you can check yourself. When an update is required, you can continue using the app in offline mode. The app will mostly work as usual, but without any new input such as news messages, data updates or interactions with other users.

    1. Platform version number: the internal version of the app.

    2. Data release number of an event. A badge is shown in the side menu when a new data release is available.

    3. A link to the privacy policy. This links to the Conference Compass Privacy Policy, but can be updated to link to another URL in the App settings.

  • Fixed issue: In the selection screen, there is no longer an empty space below the visible tiles when there are hidden tiles.

  • Fixed issue: Different strings have been fixed: capitalization on different places, the side menu header, different strings related to Appointments and the subtitle of My Favorites.

  • Fixed issue: Links from info pages now open inside a new page within the app. The back button at the top correctly takes you back to the previous page, instead of two pages back.

Signing in

  • When only client login is available in an app, only one introduction screen is shown. On this screen, the texts concerning how to sign in, where to get help with your account and why a Eureka account is created are combined.

Interactive features

  • It is now possible to report messages in topical chats and session chats. The assigned moderator will be able to delete any messages that have been reported.

  • Fixed issue: As voting is always anonymous, the choice to vote anonymously or using one’s own name has been removed.

  • Fixed issue: The “like” and “comment” buttons in a social wall post now adapt in length to accommodate longer words when the app is set to other languages.

  • Fixed issue: When starting a new conversation in the topical chat and sending the first message, it is no longer displayed twice right after sending it.

  • Fixed issue: After scheduling an appointment with another attendee, then going to the attendee list and trying to open an attendees profile page, you’re no longer taken back to the previous page.



  • Lite Events can now also be converted in a Web app.

  • It’s now possible to choose in the configurator between using the latest release or a specific release version for the web app, allowing the web app to be used with a preliminary programme before publishing the the final version of the mobile app to the stores.

  • Fixed issue: The vertical and horizontal scrollbars have been improved, allowing users to navigate the programme more easily regardless of their device.

  • Fixed issue: In the Sign in modal, the intro text and the text above the email field have been updated.

  • Fixed issue: the options in the filters in the web app are now sorted alphabetically.