Release notes 5.0-5.9

This article contains the release notes for the 5.0 up to 5.9 releases of the platform and CMS.

Version 5.9.4 (January 2019)



  • Fixed issue: The sign-in page no longer crashes on iOS versions older than 11.

  • Fixed issue: Carousel pages can now also be shown in other places, such as a navigation page or below a home menu button. After the last slide is shown, the first one opens again, instead of being redirected to the home screen.

  • Fixed issue: Syncing with Eureka now works as expected for single-event apps. Before, it would load forever on the home screen and no announcements were displayed.

Version 5.9.3 (January 2019)



  • Fixed issue: Rounded buttons and tags, such as the action button, or the news or search results counter are visible again on Android 9.

  • Fixed issue: The 'My programme' page header is updated with the text set the language settings.

  • Fixed issue: The info icon, that you can click to view the exhibitor info on the floor plan is no longer dark grey, but white, making it more visible.

  • Fixed issue: Links to exhibitors from the floor plan are now always working. Before, they were sometimes not working anymore when you installed another event.

  • Fixed issue: When you want to share a session with the iOS calendar app, the app no longer crashes.

  • Fixed issue: When adding an appointment and saving it, you no longer have to add it to your device calendar: the button to not add it is working again.

Version 5.9.2 (December 2018)



  • Fixed issue: The option to expand the action button upon opening the floor plan now only applies to iOS. On Android devices this would directly open the location list when opening the floor plan.

Version 5.9.1 (November 2018)



  • Fixed issue: When sharing an item on iOS when no email app is found, no error message is displayed anymore. Instead, you can share the plain text version with other apps.

  • Fixed issue: Beacons are default disabled since they were causing crashes on Android 8 and 9 versions. They can be added again upon request.

Version 5.9 (October 2018)


Pages & Structure

  • A new setting has been added to Links, allowing links that have been assigned a media type in the data to be displayed with a corresponding icon in the app next to each link.

  • A custom background image for persons can now be uploaded in Data Structures, under advanced settings for persons

  • Fixed issue: when making a new information page, the first character typed no longer appears in the wrong place.

  • Links can now point to other pages within the app by using the URLs of internal links.


  • More media types are available for Links, and each one is accompanied by a different icon that can be displayed in the app.

  • Session banners can now link to internal pages.


  • A new setting has been added to the Eureka settings, allowing the Networking features to be enabled/disabled per event.

  • The Eureka Vote presentation page has been improved to better show which results belong to which question, and now also displays the results as a bar chart instead of a pie chart.

  • Fixed issue: Questions added to Evaluation Forms stay in the order they are saved in.


  • Add support to use cached files. If the channel supports it, the user can configure it to use cached versions of the data for the import, avoiding unnecessary requests to the data servers, granted that there has been at least one successful import previously.

  • Fixed issue: Institution icons that have been imported through a channel will not be cropped to square, thus ensuring that logos are displayed fully and uncropped.

News messages

  • Email addresses can now be linked to in news messages, using “mailto” in the hyperlink.

App building

  • It is now more clear when there is a version in progress. The time it was started, version number and software version are shown.

  • The steps have been changed to '1: Layout & Settings', ‘2: Keys’, ‘3: Certificates’, ‘4: Build’ and ‘5: Test’.

  • There are more real-time validations throughout the process: app name on device, maximum file size of 1MB for Welcome and Installations screens,

  • A new custom configuration type has been added, “array”.

  • OneSignal and Google sign in keys can now be added later – although the Store version of the app cannot be built without the keys, a test version can.

  • The Layout & Settings, Keys and Certificates steps can be saved independently of each other, so it is now possible to go back and edit each step at a later time.


  • Fixed issue: After setting a language and making changes in another tab in settings, the language stays as was set.

Event Lite

  • Event Lite now have navigation pages that can be used to organise information pages.



  • Links to email addresses can now be added to news messages.

  • Fixed issue: Password dialog is now being displayed correctly for password protected single event apps in iOS.

  • Fixed issue: Placeholder image shown while images in news messages are loading has been removed.

  • Fixed issue: Push notifications now correctly open to the relevant news message.

  • Fixed issue: Programme items with identical names are no longer grouped by their names in the daily programme.

  • Fixed issue: The Android app now requires fewer permissions, which are only asked when relevant, such as adding a profile picture, and include an explanation as to why they are needed.

  • Fixed issue: The functionality of the postpone and retry buttons when installing an event has been improved. A message now explains when an installation cannot be completed because of a weak internet connection.


  • Links to email addresses can now be added to news messages.

  • Links in the detail pages of data items such as program items and persons can now be optionally displayed with a select number of media icons to indicate what type of media the link contains.

  • Daily programme items starting at the same time are now sorted first by start time, then by ordering name, then by name.

  • Fixed issue: Nonessential HTML markup is now stripped from sessions or other data items exported using the share button.

Interactive features

  • Chat messages are now also sent as push notifications, letting users know they’ve received messages even when the app is not open.

  • The Ask page now lets users know when the active questions have been updated in real time. The number of likes questions have received are also updated in real time.

  • The Vote page user interface has been improved for Android.

  • Fixed issue: In the side menu, “My conversations” is now consistently called the same throughout the app.

  • Fixed issue: External voting link now opens correctly on Android.


  • Users can now schedule appointments with other attendees during events.

  • Appointments can now be scheduled directly from within a personal chat with another attendee, and can also optionally be given a location, including specific places in the event. Invitations as well as updates to scheduled appointments will be sent as push messages when the user’s app is not open.

  • Scheduled appointments can be viewed in detail from “My Program” or the chat with the invited attendee, can be edited or deleted, and can also be added to the user’s device calendar.

New feature: Networking

  • Attendees who log into the app can now add one another as contacts. Contacts appear in the user’s contact list in the side menu, and contact requests and acceptances will be sent as push messages when the user’s app is not open.

  • Personal profiles have been expanded, allowing users to add more personal information such as a bio text and a country, links to personal websites and social media profiles, as well as contact information only visible to persons who are in a user’s contact list. A user’s profile and contact list is connected to their personal account, so their list can extend beyond a single event.

Version 5.8 (July 2018)


New feature: Event type for smaller events

  • In the selection screen, you can now add two types of events: Conference and Event. Conferences are the larger events that were already available. They are fully customisable and suitable for large conferences. Events is a new type with limited features and customisability, which is suitable for smaller events. The major features of the new type are listed below.

  • Events can have 4 or 6 buttons on the home menu.

  • Available pages are: daily programme, person list, My Congress pages and information pages.

  • The structure of the daily programme and the person list cannot be customised. In the daily programme, there are no timeframes, only days, sessions and presentations, of which the latter two can be linked to the persons.

  • For sessions and presentations, all interactive features are available.

  • Channels are not available: data can either be imported with Excel, or manually added.

New Feature: Web App

  • A “Web App” version of the app is now available as an extra feature. It is based on the same data as the app, and allows attendees to view the contents of the app via web browsers on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Users can sign in to the web app as well (Eureka or Google sign-in), so they can for example create their favorites and notes, and sync them with the app on their mobile device.

Selection screen

  • Fixed issue: In configurators created in version 5.7, newly created tiles now remain visible. Before, they would sometimes disappear.


  • Besides links from home menu buttons, items in navigation pages now also have advanced settings that allow password protection or require Eureka sign in.

  • Fixed issue: Images in a floor plan page can now be deleted. Before, the Delete button wasn’t responding.


  • Ordering names can now be added to places. These names determine the order of the places in the floor plan list in the app, and in the daily programme of the web app.

  • Fixed issue: Sponsor logos can be removed again from program items by selecting an empty line in the image dropdown. Before, this wasn’t possible because there was no empty line after an image was added.

  • Fixed issue: when importing person photos through a channel, these are now cropped to square from the middle. Before, they were not cropped, which meant the image could have white bars on the side when the original images wasn’t square.

  • Fixed issue: Classifier colour codes can now be locked and don’t disappear after running the channel again.

  • Fixed issue: When importing from an Excel sheet, roles are added in order they’re in the sheet. Before, they were alphabetically sorted.


  • Moderators for the social wall can be added through the Social Moderators tab. These moderators can delete reported posts through Eureka.

  • Fixed issue: When updating a session name in the data, the name is also updated in the Eureka moderator dashboard. Before, it would always display the initial session title, not the updated one.

  • Fixed issue: the order of the sessions in the Eureka moderator dashboard is now alphabetically instead of random.

  • Fixed issue: After a session moderator has been invited for either Vote or Ask, a new invite can be sent to the same moderator for the remaining interactive feature. Before, the invite was not sent.

  • Fixed issue: Inviting multiple session moderators by adding multiple email addresses separated by commas now works as expected. Before, the invite was only sent to the first email address.

  • In the Eureka moderator dashboard, the Eureka Ask questions can no longer be dragged and dropped to sort them and make them (in)visible, as this made it unusable in touch screens.


  • Fixed issue: Custom languages can be added again. Before, it was not possible to create a new language.

App building

  • Fixed issue: Onboarding for single-event apps can now be turned off by adding a custom configuration while building the app.

  • Fixed issue: Special characters and spaces in a certificate name don’t generate an error message anymore.



  • The push notification message that is sent when a favorited session is about to begin, is now translated in the set app language.

  • Fixed issue: The loader in the home screen that indicates app is checking for new data and syncing with Eureka now times out so it doesn’t impede the use of the app if there is a connection error.

Interactive features & My Congress

  • Appointments can now be added to the device calendar.

  • There’s now a search bar above the attendee list.

  • Fixed issue: The setting ‘Allow new personal chats’ now remains on when the user has turned it on. Before, it was sometimes turned off automatically.

  • Fixed issue: Some incorrect text strings were updated. The message to allow other users to talk to you now has the buttons DON'T ALLOW - ALLOW, and the message after resending a confirmation email has the button CONTINUE.

Floor plans

  • Fixed issue: When the action button on the floor plan page is expanded when opening it, the Close icon is now visible on iOS.

  • Fixed issue: The button to show all pins has been removed from Android, as this feature is not supported by it.

  • Fixed issue: When two place types have been specified but places have only been created in one type, the tab that contains places shows the list of places, and the tab that contains no places stays empty, instead of both being empty.


  • Fixed issue: When using the general search page on Android, hitting the “return” key in the keyboard now displays the searched items.

  • Fixed issue: When doing a general search that returns program items that are grouped by day, the headers displaying these days and dates are now translated.


  • There is now an “open in browser” button in the navigation bar of the in-app browser.

News messages

  • Fixed issue: The badge showing the unread number of news messages in the selection screen and event are now consistent. Before, the badge on the selection screen would show the total number of available messages when all messages had been read.



  • Web app can now be embedded as an iframe.

  • Internal links are now supported in the web app, and will open in the correct place within the app depending on the type of page or data it is linking to.

  • The “happening now” tag can now be seen in lists that feature programme items.

  • The sign in user interface has been improved.

  • Making favourites and notes is now not possible when a user is not signed in, allowing the web app to be used across shared computers and devices.

  • Fixed issue: Very long page titles now fit inside the title bar.

Version 5.7


Selection screen

  • To save disk space, events can be archived from the selection screen. After doing so, the event is still installable by users: they won't see any difference. You can still download the template, the analytics and the data, but you cannot open the event anymore and make changes to it. To archive it, click the pencil button at the top right and choose 'Archive Event'.

  • Enabling or disabling Eureka is no longer done on event level, but in the app settings instead.


  • To support the improved background images on Android, the specifications of the images that need to be uploaded for the welcome screen, install background and home menu have changed. For all types you need to upload 8 images with the same specifications (mid-range phones, high-end phones, mid-range tablets and high-end tablets, all in both landscape and portrait). Please note that on some screens, the title bar is displayed over the image, so make sure the top part doesn't contain important text or logos.


  • Locking a field can now be done in a consistent way: from the icon next to the field label.

  • When clicking in a field and not changing anything, it is not automatically locked anymore.

  • The color of the lock icon was updated from grey to orange.

  • Status icons (imported, edited and locked) were made consistent and are not only visible in the table, but also on the edit page.

  • Manually added items can not be locked anymore, as the channel will never overwrite them.

  • Changes made through Excel count as manual changes. Fields that are updated through it will thus be locked.

  • When changing something in a section, e.g. adding a topic, changing the order of speakers, or deleting a presentation from a session, the section in which the changes are made is automatically locked. A warning message is shown right below the session title.

  • The channel logs report when items were not linked because a section was locked.


  • If you're not using any of the networking features, such as the session chat, attendee list or social wall, you can uncheck the box 'Networking features' on the page Interactivity, Eureka features. In the app, the tab Settings on My profile, containing the settings for visibility in the attendee list and permission for others to contact you, is then no longer visible. Please note a release needs to be made before the changes are reflected in the app.

  • Fixed issue: In Interactivity, Eureka features, the 'Evaluate' button can now always be turned on and off. Before, it was not always responding.


  • The language Portuguese (Portugal) has been added.


  • When creating a release, only the changes are taken into account, instead of all data. Because of this, the time to create a release is much shorter.

App building

  • When creating a new version of the app, it will default be built on the latest version. It is also possible to build it on another version, but this has to be set up by Conference Compass.

  • Version numbers and version codes are now validated. An error is shown if the format is not correct.

  • Fixed issue: The QR code leading to the test build now always starts with https://, allowing it to be opened with any browser.

  • Beacons are now default turned off in the build. This means the app will no longer ask the user for permission to his or her location. If you want to turn them on, you can do so by adding a custom configuration.



  • iPhone X is supported.

  • The welcome screen, install background and home menu background look better on different Android devices. Instead of stretching the same image, multiple images with a different height-width ratio are used.

Selection screen

  • On the event info screen, the button to install an event is updated to look more like a button.

  • Fixed issue: When opening the app, the selection screen now always appears correctly on Android. Before, sometimes no tiles were shown.

  • Fixed issue: When there is no internet or the configurator cannot be reached, the right error message is displayed on the selection screen.

  • Fixed issue: If Chat features are disabled when building the app, the message to allow new chats is not shown anymore when signing in on the selection screen.


  • While the home page is loading, a loader is displayed on top of it. This prevents the user from already trying to click the buttons, which are not yet responsive while loading.

  • You can refresh the app by opening the sidemenu and pulling it down (pull-to-refresh). A circular loading arrow will be shown when doing so. The app will then check for data updates, sync with Eureka, load your chats, etc. Just opening the and closing side menu will not do this anymore, making it much faster.

  • Fixed issue: The alert asking you if you want to update the event data is no longer shown twice.

  • Fixed issue: When opening the room list on iOS, selecting a location, and opening the list again, it is shown correctly.

  • Fixed issue: Push notifications for created appointments are sent only once. Before, they were sent multiple times when the appointment was edited.

News messages

  • Fixed issue: The width of the detail page of a news message is the same as the screen width, instead of adjusting to the message title.

Sign in/Eureka

  • Fixed issue: When resetting your password, the button to confirm your e-mail address can only be clicked once. Before, you could click it multiple times, which caused the reset mail to be sent multiple times.

  • Fixed issue: The message that is shown when a confirmation email has been sent to you, has the correct button title 'Continue' instead of 'Don't allow'.

Version 5.6


App building

  • It is now possible to build your app from the configurator. The build can be created on the selection screen via App builds. The process consists out of 5 steps: Configure, Sign, Build, Test and Download. Text fields, images, and certificates are validated in order to reduce the chance of build errors when building the app. In case there is a validation error, it is displayed below the related field.

Selection screen

  • The default status for newly created events is now 'Coming soon'. Only after a release has been published, it can be set to 'Available'.

  • Urban Airship credentials have been removed from the push notification settings, as the platform isn't used anymore.

  • Fixed issue: templates can now be imported correctly on Windows.

  • Fixed issue: the browser no longer marks some configurator pages as being unsafe.

Pages & Structure

  • Two new settings have been added to the data structure of institutions that configure the look in the app: whether a placeholder should be displayed in lists when no logo is added, and whether the layout of the detail page should be a background with a logo on top, or a banner.

  • Fixed issue: when deleting a carousel page that is referred to on the home page and trying to save the home page, no error message is displayed anymore.

  • Fixed issue: after creating an event from a template, you don't have to save the person and institution types anymore in order for objects to appear in the sections.


  • A banner with an optional link can be added to program items. The banner is visible on the detail page of the app and the link opens when this banner is clicked.

  • A sponsor logo can be added to program items. This logo is shown above the program item when it is displayed in a list.

  • When in the data structure the layout for the institution detail page is 'Banner', a link can be added that opens when the banner is clicked in the app.

  • Unused and irrelevant columns have been removed from the data export.

  • Person images and institution logos can now be imported through a channel.

News messages

  • Fixed issue: when editing a sent message and saving it, the modal closes correctly and your changes are saved.

  • Fixed issue: when editing a message with a push notification that has not yet been sent, the checkbox remains on.


Topical chat

  • You can now add a topical chat tile to your society app. In the tile settings, you can define the name of the page, an optional introduction and the topics you want to allow your app users to chat about.

  • When a topical chat tile has been set, users can talk about the topics defined in there. This works in a similar way as the session chat: the page has a conversation tab and a tab with a list of all people participating in this chat. Users participating in a topical chat, can find this chat also in the side menu from the selection screen, below 'Talk'. If a topic has been deleted from the configurator, users can still open the conversation, but no more new messages can be sent.

Signing in and My Profile

  • If you want to encourage your users to sign in, you can turn on the setting 'User onboarding' is on in the app settings. If it's on, users will be presented the sign-in window right after installing the event data. They can always skip this step and just continue to the home screen.

  • You can also restrict installing only to those that sign in, for example when you want to allow event installation to society members only. When the setting 'Require signing in to install event' in the event tile info is on, users will have to sign in before installing the event data. They cannot skip this step.

  • 'My Profile' now has two tabs: Account, where personal details can be managed, and Settings, containing the Talk settings.

  • When you're not using the social wall, attendee list or chat, the Talk settings are not relevant to your users. In this case, you can switch off the setting 'Networking features' from the Interactivity page. The Settings tab will then not be displayed to users.

  • A toast message is displayed after signing in successfully.

Other app changes

  • If you're not connected to the internet and try to open a link to a web page, a more friendly error message is displayed on Android.

  • Fixed issue: the styling of headers on information pages and info sections is now consistent and correct.

Version 5.4


Selection screen

  • The color of the app bar and the name in it can now be updated through the selection screen, like in an event.

  • When creating an event with the default template, new Help pages are created automatically.

User management

  • Fixed issue: The correct error message is given when you try to add a user of which the email address already exists for another user.


  • Fixed issue: Analytics for society news messages are now correct.

  • Fixed issue: Rating analytics no longer show negative numbers when a rating is removed.

  • Fixed issue: Analytics for Add Appointment page views are now correct.

News messages

  • Fixed issue: The new message modal no longer closes when clicking outside of it.


  • You can also link a home menu button to the Social wall, the Chat overview or the Attendees list.

  • Fixed issue: The label of an icon can now be removed.


  • Styling changes in the page layout make it less likely that you accidentally press the Add button instead of the Save button.

  • A button has been added with which you can clean text you paste from Word. This button removes unnecessary formatting.

  • Fixed issue: Saving a page in the code view no longer empties the page.

  • Fixed issue: Floor plans with Places in the recycle bin can now be deleted.

  • Fixed issue: When you change the Duration per image of a carousel, this is now saved.

Data editor

  • When making a search in the Program items table, the type will be set to Any automatically after entering a keyword, so that you do not have to manually select it anymore. If you want to search only in a specific type, you can select this after entering the keyword.

  • Tildas (~) are now supported in links.

  • Fixed issue: It is now possible to remove a beacon from a place.


  • You can directly select the file you want to import instead of having to upload it first through Channels > Files.

  • The data and the columns in the exported file are now sorted in a logical order.

  • Leading and trailing spaces are automatically removed when doing the import.

  • X/Y positions have been removed from the Excel file.

  • Fixed issue: The page is automatically refreshed after doing an import, so the imported items are directly visible.


  • Fixed issue: When scheduling a job, it no longer starts one day later as the set date.


  • The strings displayed in the configurator are synchronized with that of the app.


User profiles

  • User profiles are introduced. From a user profile, you can start a new chat with a person. The profile can be opened via a post, comment or like on the social wall, the attendee list or the participant list of a session chat.

  • The profile settings page has been updated. You can now add a profile picture by taking a new one or selecting one from your device, and you can add your function and company name. These are displayed on your profile. You can also choose whether you want to be visible in the attendees list and if you want to allow other people to send you messages.

  • Fixed issue: when you enter an email address that has no linked account on the Forgot password modal, the correct message is displayed.

Social wall

  • The social wall has been implemented. If you sign in with Eureka, you can post messages here. These are visible for everybody that opens the social wall from their app. Optionally, you can include photos (take a new one or select one from your device).

  • You can like other people's posts and add comments to them.

  • You can pull down the page to refresh the feed.

  • You can report offensive messages or users so that we can block them.


  • The styling of conversations, both personal conversations and session chats, has been updated: it is more clean and shows a profile picture for each message. Messages are grouped by day and by time.

  • You can link a home menu button to the attendees list. This list will show all users that are signed in with Eureka in that app and have given permission to be displayed in the this list.

  • You can also link a home menu button to the overview of all chats a user has: both personal and session chats.

  • In-app notifications have been updated.

  • Users are automatically set to online when signing in.

Side menu

  • A side menu has been implemented, that you can open with the 'hamburger' icon at the top left. From the side menu, you can sign in to My Congress.

  • If you are signed in, you can easily go to your profile settings from here, or to My programme, My favorites, My notes or your chat overview.

Info pages

  • The default font and text size of info pages has been updated to comply more with the rest of the app.

  • The title of the link to the info page (such as Abstract or Company info) is now bold.

  • Fixed issue: When changing the font size of an info page the set size is remembered the next time you open another info page.

Installation screen

  • The color preference of the navigation bar while installing has been updated. In single-event apps, the bar will be the primary color as set in App building or the configuration file. Society apps will take the selection screen color from the configurator. If there is no color defined, it will be grey.

  • Also the progress loader color logic has changed: it will be the installationColor as set in App building or the configuration file. If this is not defined, it will be grey. otherwise is going to be gray. In a society app, color will be the same for every event will be only one for every event.


  • Fixed issue: The app uses the strings for the Terms and conditions set in App building for all events, instead of the default ones.

  • Fixed issue: The app now uses the Eureka strings from the configurator instead of the default ones.

  • Fixed issue: The strings for favouriting items is now correct: it does not refer to the Add to My Congress button anymore.


  • Fixed issue: The ripple effect that was distorted on some Android 7 devices, now looks better again.

  • Fixed issue: The home button is back on pages with tabs.

Version 5.3



  • Signing out of the configurator can now be done from the top right instead of from below the menu items.

  • When entering a configurator address starting with http://, you will be redirected to the secured https:// version.

New configurators

  • The icon in the browser tab contains the Conference Compass logo instead of a default icon.

  • Default only one event will be available instead of two.

  • The tile images of the default event have been updated.

  • Urban Airship push notification keys are not filled in.

  • The title in the app bar is the app name instead of Parent.

Selection screen

  • Events for which no release is created yet, can only be set to Coming Soon or Hidden.


  • Analytics are now also available for information tiles. They are similar to page analytics in an event: how many times a page has been viewed, by how many users, the average of times each user viewed it and the percentage that ,viewed ,the page compared to the total number of users.

News messages

  • Messages containing bullet lists are displayed correctly in the app. The numbered list option has been removed from the configurator as it is not supported.


  • In icon labels, instead of adding a new line for every space, you can now decide how you want to distribute your text over the two lines.

  • For every page you link to from the home menu, you can set whether users should log in before being able to see it.


  • Sponsor pages: besides links to objects and information pages, you can now also add links to URLs. These can be opened either in the internal or the external browser.

  • Floor plan pages: explanation added for Visibility and Action button settings.

  • Fixed issue: you can now click anywhere in the table headers on the left, not just on the text, to expand it to see all types.

  • Fixed issue: saving navigation pages that have no items does not give an error anymore

Data structures

  • The recycle bin for data structures has been reintroduced.

  • When adding a new type, the info section is default set to visible. The default name in the app is Information. If no title is added, the colon will not be visible in the app.

  • If you add a new section to a type, it will be added below existing sections instead of above.

  • Appointments have been removed from the data structure, as they do not have to be created there anymore.

  • Fixed issue: when creating a new type, the plural is not reset to singular + s after clicking save in the Add new type modal, but is saved as you have specified it.

  • Fixed issue: you can now click anywhere in the table headers on the left, not just on the text, to expand it to see all types.

  • Fixed issue: when setting a Title in app for a visible info section, setting it to invisible and then back to visible again, it remains saved.

Data editor

  • Within a section, the order of Persons, Classifiers, Institutions and Links can be adjusted by dragging them. This is reflected in the app.

  • Improved previews when uploading institution logos.

  • For program items, you can set a sponsor. The logo of this sponsor will be shown above the program item details in lists, such as the daily program.

  • When editing a person, the field Email to speaker has been removed, as this feature is not supported anymore.

  • For institutions, you can add a custom header background image. You can also add multiple images that are displayed as a slideshow on the institution page in apps.

  • Fixed issue: results with diacritics are also returned when searching for a keyword without them, e.g. searching for 'nuria' will also return 'núria'.

  • Fixed issue: you can now click anywhere in the category header to expand it to see all types, not only on the text.

  • Fixed issue: multiple links can be added to an object.

  • Fixed issue: the media type of links is always saved.


  • Fixed issue: when exporting data, making changes in existing items and importing the file again, the updated items are not added again anymore.

  • Fixed issue: when importing a person sheet that has an email column, the system does not crash anymore.

  • Fixed issue: after doing an import, the page is refreshed so that the changes that are made are immediately visible.


  • You can now set a timezone when scheduling jobs: that of the event or of the current location.


  • The settings for the Email to speaker feature have been removed from the Advanced tab, as it is not supported anymore.

  • Fixed issue: the default language is set to English instead of French.

  • Fixed issue: in Language, the placeholder text in the general search bar can now be configured separately from the title of the page. Before they were the same: changing one would also change the other.


  • The release logs have been updated: a new window will appear on all pages when a release is in progress, error messages are clearer and you can directly click to go to the object that has an error.


  • The default information page style has been updated: the font size of headers is smaller and the text in tables is the same as that of body text

  • Error messages that appear while downloading the data, now more accurately describe what is going on instead of referring to an error in the data.

  • The Refresh button is default visible and does not have to be switched on through the arguments json anymore.

  • Favoriting items can now default not only be done in the detail page of an object, but also in lists.

  • Changing a rate does not result in multiple rates anymore, but instead updates the existing rating.

  • Fixed issue: the app no longer crashes when signing in with Google, signing out and signing in again.

  • Fixed issue: when you are logged in with Eureka and unfavorite items, they are correctly removed from My Congress and My Favorites.

Version 5.2


Selection screen

  • Improved save behaviour on the selection screen.

  • The error message about end date having to be after start date, no longer stays after the dates have been corrected.

App settings

  • The order of the tabs has changed.

  • The checkbox hasTags has been removed because it is no longer needed.

News messages

  • The table style has been updated.

  • Throughout the configurator, Announcements has been renamed to News messages.

  • Adding new messages: Besides referring to a URL, you can now also upload images along with a news message.

  • Fixed issue: When adding a link in a news messages, the link text is not filled in as URL anymore.


  • The report will not automatically load anymore when opening the page or selecting another date range, but only when you click Load report.

  • The dates in the date selector are visible on any device resolution.

  • Improved behaviour when cancelling a report that is loading.

  • The loader circle no longer runs through the text.


  • When linking a home icon to a URL, you can now set the name of that page.

  • When linking a home icon to My Congress, default the My Congress home page is selected.

  • The icon preview in the Select icon modal is smaller, so that more icons are visible.

  • Fixed issue: When editing an icon, the previously selected icon remains selected.


  • When uploading large intro page images, a progress indicator is shown.

  • A warning is given when you try to delete a floor plan that has Places pinned on it. The floor plan cannot be deleted.

  • Navigation pages with the type Menu, can now be linked to a URL.

  • The messages that can be added to Carousel pages now contain placeholder text.

  • Fixed issue: The copy button for the link now works as expected.

Data structures

  • The categories Webpages and Floorplans are removed, as they were not used anymore.

  • The type Appointments is no longer visible in the data structure. The name can not be set on the My Congress page anymore, but instead in Settings > Language.

  • If a type is deleted, related sections are now also automatically deleted.

  • If a section is deleted, the inverse section is now also automatically deleted. Example: deleting the section Topic from the type Presentation, also deletes the section Presentation from the type Topic.

  • The icon that links to the type ID has been updated.

  • Fixed issue: The message that was shown when a section was deleted is no longer visible, as the section is only really deleted when the type is saved.

Data editor

  • The order of the data in the configurator is the same as the order of the data in the app.

  • Table settings: The status column can also be switched off.

  • Table settings: The style of the Sorting control has been updated so that they no longer look like buttons.

  • Program items: The format of the date in the program item overview has been updated to e.g. Mon 17-Apr 09:00-09:30.

  • Program items: When creating a new program item, the start date is default the first day of the conference as set in the event tile settings.

  • Program items: Items that have other items nested under them, can no longer be deleted.

  • Program items: A warning is shown when a new program item is created but not nested under another item.

  • Institutions: Improved behaviour when uploading institution logos.

  • Persons: You can now only select images from the category Persons when selecting a profile picture for a person.

  • Places: The Floor plan on which an Place is located, can now only be changed by setting another location.

  • Places: The button Place pins on floorplan is now disabled instead of hidden when no places have been selected. A tooltip is displayed when hovering over it.

  • Fixed issue: The toolbar does not show the Edit selected and Delete selected buttons anymore after selected items have been deleted and nothing is selected anymore.

  • Fixed issue: When a section is not yet visible because a configurator was converted and a item is edited, the data in the invisible section is no longer deleted.

  • Fixed issue: File names of data exports of program items and posters are now correct.

  • Fixed issue: when adding an order name to a program item and removing it again, the item is no longer placed at the bottom of the list in the app.

  • Fixed issue: The time no longer changes after pressing Create in the Add program item modal.

Image library

  • The style of the image library has been updated. Selecting items can be done with the checkbox top left. Clicking them opens the details.

  • Images that can only be replaced in their context, such as the home menu background or the floor plans, are no longer visible in the image library.


  • The button Send invite has been renamed to Add invite. A tooltip is added when the button is disabled because no items have been selected.

  • The Beacons tab has been updated. You can now create majors and beacons and link these to each other, instead of specifying the major per beacon.

  • The tab Questions has been merged in one tab Evaluation forms: you can add the questions directly to the forms. The options when adding questions are more clear.


  • When both the release version of the app and the online program are set to Latest, the warning message which versions are used is not shown above the Publish table.


  • Language: Some errors and inconsistencies in the default strings have been corrected.

  • Language: An explanation is added for the dropdowns Language and Based on.

  • Language: The string for Rate can now be edited.

  • Colors: You can set a custom colour for highlighted items.

  • Date & time: The Date and time previews reflect the selected language.

  • Date & time: The timezone is automatically set based on the location set in the event tile settings.

  • Advanced: Eureka is now default switched on and the URL is filled in.


  • Fixed issue: General app-wide search now works as expected.

  • Fixed issue: The Happening now page shows the correct message when no events are happening at this time.

  • Fixed issue: the inverse role (e.g. Sponsor of) now uses the correct text.

Version 5.1



  • The style of menus, tabs, buttons, tables and other UI elements and controls has been updated.

  • You can upload images directly in their context instead of having to upload them first in the image library and then selecting them, for example floor plans or person photos.

  • Internal links and ID's have been moved below the link icon top right.

  • Date formats have been made consistent throughout the configurator, e.g. 07-Apr-2017 14:28.


  • A new tab has been added to configure the home page. The page itself doesn't have to be created anymore. The UI resembles more what it will look like in the app.

  • After uploading a background image, a preview is shown on the page.

    1. You can choose icons for the home menu buttons from the library or upload a custom one. For both types, a label can be added below the icon. This label is easy to change.

    2. For icons from the library, the background color and the icon and text color can be changed easily by choosing them and clicking Apply Colors to Icons. This is not possible for custom icons.

    3. The primary, secondary and contrast colors of the app can be set here.

    4. Linking home menu buttons is done through a modal. You can also link directly to an object without having to create an object page first.

  • A new tab has been added to configure the My Congress page. The page itself doesn't have to be created anymore.

  • On the Pages tab, the types that can be created have been updated. Besides the previously mentioned Home page and My Congress page, these are the changes:

  • The categories Basic Pages, My Congress pages and Extra pages have been removed.

    1. The page types are sorted alphabetically.

    2. Carousel: You can only set one duration for all images. The description of the messages shown before and after the carousel have been improved.

    3. Floorplan: instead of in the data, you add the floor plan image directly in the floor plan page.

    4. Happening Now/Next: the Happening now and Happening next pages have been merged in one page type, where you can set the time offset. Also, you can set an introduction text.

    5. Information pages: instead of in the data, you add the page contents image directly in the floor plan page.

    6. Intro page: you don't have to set a destination page anymore. Instead, you can select the Intro page and the Carousel on the Home tab. You can only set one duration for all images.

    7. List: configuring the data for your lists is easier.

    8. Navigation: the Menu and Tabs pages have been merged in one page type Navigation. You can easily switch between the two.

    9. Search: the option for an intro text has been added and unused options (Texts for refined search) have been removed.

    10. Object pages have been removed. On places where you need to link to them, you can set a link to the object directly.

  • On the tab Export, you can make an export of the data structures and the pages. You can use this export to base another event upon by importing it on the selection screen through Event templates. After you create an event tile and open an event for the first time, you can choose one of the templates to base the event on.

Data structures

  • The sections in the data structure are now also visible in the data objects themselves and resemble what the object will look like in the app. An example: if in the data structure you add Authors and Speakers to a presentation, in the data you will see these sections for all objects of the type Presentations, and you can add speakers to each of these sections, instead of adding the all below Roles.

  • Parent has been renamed to Nested under. It can also be found in the sections, but cannot be removed.


  • The data tables are restyled. At the top right in Table Settings, you can set the columns to display and the sorting.

  • The search & filter has been updated: the look has changed and you can filter on more properties.

  • Timeslots are renamed to Program items and Program elements to Posters, to resemble how they are mostly used.

  • As the content of Floor plans and Information pages can now be set directly in the page, it has been removed from here.

  • The order of the different categories has changed.

  • The Program item table is hierarchical: you can expand items to see underlying ones. This allows you to quickly get an overview of the programme.

Image library

  • Some styling improvements were made.


  • Instead of in the data structures, you can now set the available Eureka features on the Eureka settings tab. For each program item type, you can set what buttons should be available in the app.

  • Invitations for moderators are now done from the Moderators tab instead of from the object. You can invite persons to multiple program items at the same time by selecting these items and clicking Add invite.

  • Evaluation forms / Question builder: some styling improvements were made.


  • Some styling improvements were made.

  • A number of options have been moved in the Edit modal: configuring the name and whether the channel should be used when running an update.


  • The number of tabs have been reduced: unused tabs are removed and some advanced settings have been moved to the Advanced tab.

  • On the tab Language, all strings can now be configured through the configurator itself, besides only through the json file. It is easy to make a copy of an existing language to change individual strings, or to add a completely new language.

  • The number of configurable colors has been reduced, as they were not changed. Most of the remaining colors can also be configured on the Home page.

  • On the Advanced tab, unused settings have been removed, others have been restyled.


  • Some styling improvements were made.

  • You can easily see which version of the data is used for the app and which one for the online program.

Version 5.0



  • Instead of red, buttons and other UI elements now have a more friendly green colour.

  • When a data table is loading, a loader is shown to inform you it's still working.

Society app selection screen and tiles

  • Event tiles look a bit different then before. They can have two sizes: medium or large. Info or news tiles can have three: small, medium or large. Please note that as a result, the image requirements have also changed.

  • You can set the order of the tiles for different device types and orientations. The way it's shown in the configurator, is the way it will look in the app. You can drag the tiles in the order you want them to.

  • The colors of the background, tile background, tile text and action button color can be set from here.

  • Events can easily be set to Coming soon. This way you can edit its data, but not make this data available for users yet.

  • The way to test events has changed: instead of protecting it with a password, it should now be set to Hidden or Coming soon and have a secret search key filled in. This key allows you to find it through the search in the app.

  • The location field will now give suggestions when you start typing.

  • Subtitles can be automatically generated from the date and location.

  • The editing options for the event description have been limited in order to make it look more consistent in the app.

  • Info tiles can now be linked directly to a URL. The URL will be opened in the in-app browser.


  • The analytics report has been updated: graphs are improved, pagination is added to tables and a custom table can be created for popular items.

  • The set period applies to all visible data, not just the selected page

  • Tables can be sorted by clicking the column header.