Release notes 1.1

This article contains the release notes for the 1.1 release of, released June 2022.

Features and improvements

  • You can now share items to social media from the ... button below the session name in the side panel. You can share to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email. From the same menu, you can also add an item that has a start and end time to your calendar or copy the item URL to your clipboard.
  • The options in the dropdown that you can choose from when you are entering a session for which you also have backstage access, can now be translated. Also, when an on-demand recording is available, the default option is to view that, instead of opening the moderator/speaker dashboard. For hosted sessions, you can only choose to join as host when you have that role, since you cannot join as host and attendee at the same time.
  • The list of sessions you have backstage access to, that is shown below the event info when clicking an event from the overview, now displays the timezone the sessions are in. Also, a search bar is added.
  • When a daily programme is grouped, for example by place or classifier, the name of this group sticks to the left when you scroll to the right in horizontal view.
  • The filter 'pills' that are shown above the daily programme when you apply a filter to it, now have a character limit to make sure long names don't take up a lot of space.

Bug fixes

Sign in

  • The event image is no longer stretched.
  • The modal to sign in closes automatically after completing the sign in.
  • When you click to sign in to an event that is not restricted but then close the modal, the last accessed page is shown, instead of a blank page.

Event detail page & My Sessions list

Fixes to the event detail page that opens when you click an event on the event overview:

  • The subtitle on the event detail page is now correct and showing the same subtitle as in the event overview.
  • The button Go to event is not available when the web app is set to Unavailable, or when the tile is Hidden.
  • Vote & Ask moderator invites now appear in the list of My sessions, also when the event has no web app.
  • In the modal that opens when you click the More info button, the image is no longer stretched. Also, the title is shown below the image, instead of on top of it.

Dashboards & virtual rooms

  • On the host dashboard, there is no longer an echo when recording an introduction video without a headset.
  • If in a virtual room there is only one tab available, the text is in the center of that tab.
  • The on-demand recording analytics now send the number of minutes you are watching a video, instead of the number of minutes you spend in the room.
  • A 'notification dot' is now shown on the Chat tab in a virtual session whenever a new message comes in.

Pages & side panel

  • If the Info section in the side panel does not contain more text than already displayed, the Read more button is not shown.
  • When links to posters are shown in the sections in the side panel, they are shown as a list item instead of as a tile.
  • If you click a session on the daily programme so that the side panel opens and the timeline for the current time is somewhere on the right, this timeline is no longer displayed on the side panel but below it.


  • The text on the profile menu item for My sessions can now be translated.