Manage images through the image library

This article describes how to use the image library.

The image library is a collection of images used in your app, for example:

  • Icons in the icon library;

  • Person photos and institution logos;

  • Images elsewhere in the app.

Images uploaded in those contexts appear in the image library. You can also upload images in the library, and then select them in their context. We will explain in this article how this can be done.

Upload images

Images can be uploaded to the image library by clicking Add images. Select a category, select your file(s) and click Add.

In the following cases, it can be useful to upload images to the image library.

Profile pictures and institution logos

If you have all your person photos or institution logos in one library, it can be useful to upload them in the image library. This way you can upload them all at once, and select the right image in the data table. Make sure that you choose the right category (Persons or Institution logos) and that the uploaded images are square, as with mass-upload there is no way to resize or crop the images.

After uploading the images, you can go to Data > Persons/Institutions and select the image from the dropdown in the column Image or Logo.

Tip! For easy recognition in the dropdown list, make sure that the image is named after the person or institution.

General images to use in an information page

Upload images you are going to use on other pages, such as information pages, in the category General. You can then use the image URL to link to when adding an image in an information page. You can find this URL by right-clicking the image preview and choosing Copy image address from the menu. You can also open the image in a new window and copy the URL from the browser.

The user will only see the image when he or she is connected to the internet. It will not be included in the app, so the app size is not increasing. Use this method for images that are nice to have, but not essential to understand the content.

Images that should be available offline

If you want to make sure the image is shown also when the user is not connected to the internet, you can tick Offline support when adding it. The image is then included in the release. For offline images, you can use the internal link, which can be found below the link icon at the top right. Please note that the image will not be shown in the preview of your page, as the browser doesn't know how to handle these links. In the app it will be OK.

A disadvantage of this method is that the size of the data increases, so it takes longer to install the event. Use this method only for essential images, for which the content around it makes no sense without them. 

View and edit image details

You can view the images as tiles or a list by clicking the switch top-right.

In the tile view, you can open the image details by clicking the tile. In the list view, you can click the Details button. This opens a modal with a larger preview of the image, the file name and category. If needed, you can edit these details here and press Save to save the changes.

Change category of images

To change the category of multiple images, select them and click Edit selected. In the tile view you can select images with the checkmark top left, in the list view with the checkbox.

Delete images

You can delete images by selecting them and clicking the button Delete selected in the toolbar. You're asked for a confirmation before the image is really deleted.