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Programme data sync

With the (one way) programme data sync integration, you can sync event data that you have in another system to our platform. This article describes what the programme data sync is and how it can be set up.

What is the programme data sync?

With the (one-way) programme data sync integration, you can sync event data that you have in another system to our platform. This way you only have to manage your event data in one system. Changes made there, can then easily be synced to our platform. After making a release, the updates are directly available in both the web and mobile app.

What data is synced?

You can sync all different types of data that can be added in the studio: programme items, posters, but also institutions, speakers or tags. For these items, you can import most properties that can now be added in the General section. Some examples: name, subtitle, date and time, but also profile picture, logo, icon or tag color, and much more. Since the data on our platform is set up relationally, a person's name that changes is then automatically updated for all sessions that person is involved in. 

You can customise the data mapping as you want: for example combine multiple fields from your database into one poster title, or choose what should be imported as a person's subtitle. You can also choose to sync only part of the programme: for example only the scientific sessions and speakers, and manually add or import the industry programme and exhibitors.

Since this is a one-way sync, changes you make in Floq Studio won't be synced back to your original data source. Changes therefore need to be made in the original data source. If you want to manually change certain data for the app only, you can lock the field. Running a data import will then not overwrite that data, but keep the manual change.

When is it synced?

When your system is connected, you can import the data manually by pressing a button, or set up a scheduled job to do so. You can for example run a daily sync at midnight before the event, and then an hourly sync while the event is ongoing.

How to set it up

Syncing your system to our platform requires initial set-up work to map the fields in your database to ours. However, since we have worked with a lot of different data providers, chances are that we can set it up quickly. Examples of data providers we are familiar with are:

  • Partners:
    • CTI, also known as cSlide, cOASIS
    • Eventure, also known as Parthen
    • OxfordAbstracts
  • Other data providers:
    • Cadmium
    • C-IN
    • Conventus
    • COVR
    • CYIM
    • Eventsair
    • M-anage, also known as JMT, JMarquardt Technologies, M-events or VMX
    • Papercept, also known as Paperplaza
    • Pharmaservice, also known as Documedias

Before setting up the data sync, we will send you a questionnaire in which we ask you to provide more details on how your data is structured and how it should be imported into our platform.