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Attendee Sync

The Attendee sync allows automatic syncing with external databases. The integration is available for mobile and web apps. With the Attendee sync integration you can:

  • Have your Attendees synced with external databases so that they get automatically updated.

  • Simply add/remove/update users and attendees automatically from an external system.

  • Create a mapping between supported user profile fields in your database to user profile fields on our platform.

  • Create user groups and assign users to these different groups. User groups can be used to target push notifications and to restrict access to various pages within the event.

  • Users' profile changes can be triggered periodically or manually by you. The user profiles and groups are being synced also for users who don't regularly access the event platform.

  • Email Invites can be sent automatically when new users are added or synced.

  • Restrict event access to synced registered attendees only.

  • When a new user gets added to the attendee list of an event, that user automatically gets added to the community, the same applies to groups.

  • Manage the synced attendees in your CMS.

This article describes the requirements for this development and the setup in the Content Management System (CMS). Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, if you are interested to have this custom development for your app.

Attendee Sync Requirements

  • API URL with a 'conference-compass' authentication that returns the list of users to be imported.

  • API authentication parameters (username, secret key, etc.) if applicable.

  • A special 'delete' flag would delete users permanently, for example, to be removed/deleted (we do not remove missing users). Please note that this should be based on one field in your data.

  • A list of user data to import according to our supported fields (email, first, and last name are mandatory) including groups or extra logic for creating groups or adding and removing from attendees. The group indication must be included in the same call.

In the table below, you can find the supported profile fields on the Conference Compass platform that can be synced. Use the second column to map with fields in your data.

Supported fields in Conference Compass
* mandatory

Fields (strings) in your data

Email address*




First name*


Last name*


Job title






Additional info




(to restrict access or target news messages; note that groups are not visible to users in the app)


Digital Badge
(URL of JPG, PNG or PDF)
*event specific


Set-up in the CMS

Once your Customer Success Manager has informed you that the attendee sync is ready, you will find the sync options within your event under "Attendees".

In the first tab, Attendees, click on "Sync attendees now" to manually perform a new sync. All imported attendees will appear in the list.

In the second tab, Groups, you find all groups within your community. This includes all groups that have been created for current or past events.

In the third tab, Sync configurator, you can find more settings and the sync logs.

You can enable the auto-sync (1). This means that every day or hour your attendee list is

automatically synced (2). You can set a date for the final sync (3).

For example, you manually sync before going live with your app, once the app is 

live you set a daily auto-sync, while during th

e event you set an hourly auto-sync, and the final

auto-sync takes place one day after the event.

Lastly, you can make sure an invitation email is sent to each new attendee who comes through the sync (4). Please make sure to set the invitation template before enabling this option!