Analytics terminology

Attendees: when we talk about attendees, we always talk about unique users. If 1 attendee views a page 3 times, the number of attendees is 1.

  • When attendees do not sign in, they get an installation ID upon opening the web or mobile app for the first time. All actions done are linked to that installation ID, which is reflected as attendee AnonymousXXX in the analytics, e.g. Anonymous23h4ey. If the attendee signs in after doing some actions, these actions are linked to the account she signs in with. The installation ID is then linked to the user account, and the anonymous user is removed from the list.
  • The installation ID is stored in the cookies, so whenever an attendee performs actions, closes the tab or computer, and performs other actions the next day, these are linked to the same ID and thus the same anonymous user. Likewise, if the user does different actions in different tabs, these are all linked to the same installation ID and the same anonymous user.
  • If the attendee clears the cookies or deletes the app, the installation ID is cleared. Any actions done after will be linked to a new installation ID.

Views: the total number of views for that object, page, etc. If the same attendee views a page 3 times, the number of views is 3.

Livestream minutes: to track the minutes an attendee was in the virtual room, an analytics sample is sent every minute the attendee is in the virtual room while the livestream is up.

Recording minutes: recording minutes are tracked for each second of a watched recording by a logged-in user. They are then sent for every 60 seconds.