Release notes 7.15



  • Hungarian and Swedish are now supported: you can select them as a language when building an app, or in the event settings.


  • Within an event, you can now import the badge URLs of attendees through Excel. When importing the attendees, add a fourth column badgeURL, besides the first name, last name and e-mail address in the sheet you are importing.


  • You can now export a CME report from the Users tab. This report contains an overview of all users and the virtual sessions they participated in. Besides the number of watched minutes (live or on-demand), you will find other engagement statistics, such as the number of questions asked, votes sent or whether the item was favourited.

  • Fixed issue: the Excel export now correctly displays the vote numbers. Before, these numbers were in the dashboard, but missing in the export.

  • Fixed issue: the number of on-demand recording minutes for a user now reflect the number of watched minutes, instead of the number of minutes spent in the room.

Pages and data

  • You can now select a classifier icon from a new set of library icons, coming from Google Material icons. These icons were already used on other places in the web and mobile app, such as the side menu or the bottom navigation.

  • The design of the modal for selecting an icon for the web app side or mobile app navigation menu has been updated.

  • You can upload a floor plan of 4000x4000px (instead of 2000x2000px) to allow for a more detailed image.

Web app

  • The way classifiers are shown is updated, and the new icons you can select in the configurator are reflected. Changes are the following:

    • If you add multiple classifier colours to one object, they are all reflected in the daily programme. They will appear as coloured dots on the programme item card, below the session title and subtitle. The coloured bar on the right has been removed. If an icon is selected for a classifier, it is shown in the coloured dot.

    • In the detail page, the classifiers are displayed as tags instead of in a list, with their color and icon, if added.

    • If you apply filters on the daily programme by selecting certain classifiers, these are shown as tags above the programme. This way it is clearer that you are not viewing the full programme, but have filtered by the classifiers above it.

  • The sign-in process has been improved:

    • Besides the first screen that has the event info, all other screens of the sign in were also updated and styled consistently.

    • When sign-in is not required and you sign in from elsewhere in the web app, a modal opens instead of a full-screen page, and you remain in the context you were after signing in, instead of being redirected to the home page.

  • About this platform is now also available when not signed in. This way you can see the platform version and data version you are on.

  • The exhibitor booth has been improved:

    • The app bar was updated and is no longer shown over the banner, but above it instead.

    • The buttons on the representative cards were updated.

  • Fixed issue: in vertical view, the lines for the times now span the whole page, instead of only being shown while there are sessions.

  • Fixed issue: when having the side panel open, and then opening the profile dropdown, it opens over the side panel instead of behind it.

Virtual Event Platform

  • RTMP can now be selected as input source on any of the moderator dashboards. This then replaces the camera and microphone input of that moderator, so she should choose to either use RTMP, or audio/video input. This is the first step towards full support of hybrid events. The next step will be to also allow adding Vote questions from the moderator dashboard. This way Vote and RTMP can be used together.

  • You can now create a file from the recordings overview in the configurator that has both the speaker frame and the slides frame in one video. The slides will take the main frame, and in the top right corner there is a small frame containing the speaker stream. Go to Virtual & Interactivity, choose Virtual room invites and recordings, and open the session. Scroll down to the Recordings section, click the dots next to the main recording and choose Create combined video. Creating the recording might take some time; after it has been created, you can download it from the same place.

  • On the attendee dashboard, when the active speaker has no slides uploaded and is not sharing screen, the speaker video is shown in the large main frame.

  • A confirmation is shown to the speaker after completing a pre-recording, that indicated that the recording is now available for the moderator and that they can leave the dashboard.

  • You can now upload videos up to 1GB on the moderator dashboard. Before, this was 500MB.

  • Fixed issue: in the pre-recording, there is no longer a black screen shown before and after screen sharing.

  • Fixed issue: when sharing screen, this is now always recorded in the session recording.

  • Fixed issue: when a speaker comes back from the Pre-recording tab to the Present live tab, she will now appear as Online to moderators. Before, she would appear as offline in some cases.

  • Fixed issue: attendees will no longer lose what they are typing when a moderator makes a question visible or invisible.

  • Fixed issue: the chat is no longer appearing on the Q&A tab when switching tabs.